Where is American Progress located?

Where is American Progress located?

American Progress
Dimensions 11 1/2 in x 15 3/4 in. (29.2 cm x 40 cm)
Location Autry Museum of the American West, Los Angeles, California
Owner Autry Museum of the American West
Accession 92.126.1

How do you cite the American Progress Center?

APA citation style: Center For American Progress. (2004) Center for American Progress . United States. [Web Archive] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/lcwaN0012549/.

Is American Progress a primary source?

Use this primary source imagery to analyze major events in history.

Is the Center for American Progress nonprofit?

The Center for American Progress is a 501(c)(3) organization under U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

What is the angel in American Progress holding?

A woman with long blond hair, dressed in classical style in a flowing white gown that is off one shoulder, floats westward through the air. She is the figure of “Progress”, and on her forehead is a gold star, the “Star of Empire.” In her proper right arm she holds a book, and telegraph wire is looped around her elbow.

What is the message of the American Progress painting?

Gast uses his painting to tell the message that the United States is destined to expand West. Technology, such as railroads and telegraph wires, is moving west as well as many people. Gast is trying to encourage interest in moving west.

What does the woman in American progress represent?

Description. This print, also entitled “Manifest Destiny,” shows an allegorical female figure representing “America” that is leading pioneers westward. The settlers are traveling on foot, in a stagecoach, by conestoga wagon and railroads.

What do you see in American Progress?

The painting illustrates that the West is a dark and savage land, populated by Indians and wild beasts. By entering these barbaric lands, America will civilize and tame the territory. One of the most striking methods in the painting is the lighting.

What is the woman holding in American Progress?

Who Funds Center for American Progress?

Funding. The Center for American Progress is a 501(c)(3) organization under U.S. Internal Revenue Code. In 2014, CAP received $45 million from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, labor unions, and corporations.

What does the angel mean in the American Progress painting?

In the painting, settlers and then-novel technology, such as covered wagons, railroads, and horse-drawn carriages move westward, guided by an angel. The angel, a symbolic representation of American ideals and the Manifest Destiny philosophy, carries light towards the western frontier.

What does the book represent in the American Progress painting?

On her head she bears what Crofutt called “the Star of Empire.” And lest viewers still not understand her role in this vision of American destiny, he explains: “In her right hand she carries a book—common school—the emblem of education and the testimonial of our national enlightenment, while with the left hand she …