Where are the brush fires in NJ?

Where are the brush fires in NJ?

EDISON, New Jersey (WABC) — A brush fire is burning in Edison, New Jersey, Thursday. The fire broke out in the swamp grass along the north shores of the Raritan River. It spread quickly with the help of 10 to 15 mile per hour winds.

How did the fire start in Brick New Jersey?

Troopers initially responded to a report of the fire near milepost 91 in Brick Township around 5 p.m. The preliminary investigation found that several individuals, possibly kids, started the fire in a draining culvert that runs underneath the highway from the 91 north entrance ramp to the 91 south entrance ramp.

Is the fire still burning in Little Egg Harbor?

LITTLE EGG HARBOR, N.J. — A massive wildfire that broke out in Southern New Jersey Sunday and burned throughout Monday has been fully contained after burning hundreds of acres of land, officials say.

What are the causes of brush fires?

The vast majority of brush, grass and forest fires in 2011-2015 were caused by human activities. Leading causes include intentional fire setting, open burning of waste, smoking materials, and electrical power or utility lines.

Where is the smoke in NJ coming from?

Smoke in NJ from wildfires in California, Canada trigger air quality alerts. Air quality in parts of New Jersey plummeted Tuesday due to smoke that traveled across the continent from wildfires in western states and Canada.

Why is there smoke in South Jersey?

The smoke is originating from wildfires burning in California, Oregon and Washington. The smoke gets lifted up in the atmosphere, until it is carried by the jet stream, a fast moving river of air that separates two air masses, roughly 30,000 feet above sea level.

What started the Lakewood fire?

On March 19, authorities announced the fire was intentionally set by someone after investigating and locating where the fire had originally begun, according to Billhimer. Additionally, a firefighter from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service suffered cardiac arrest while battling the blaze, the prosecutor’s office said.

How did the fire in Lakewood start?

“We have located the origin of the fire and have concluded that the fire was intentionally set,” prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said in a statement Friday. The fire started around 1:15 p.m. Sunday at the intersection near Airport Road and Cedarbridge Avenue in Lakewood, about 47 miles east of Trenton.

Where is the fire in Little Egg Harbor New Jersey?

The fire started just after midnight Tuesday on the 100 block of Lake Winnepesaukee Drive in Little Egg Harbor Township, Ocean County. Officials say the two people who were inside the home made it out, but suffered smoke inhalation.

How do you stop a brush fire?

How to prevent brushfires from starting

  1. Keep matches and lighters away from children.
  2. If you want to burn trash, do so in a metal container, after you have cleared the surrounding area.
  3. Never throw cigarette butts out your vehicle window.
  4. Install spark arresters on small engines and equipment.

What are the two most common causes of forest fires?

Naturally occurring wildfires are most frequently caused by lightning. There are also volcanic, meteor, and coal seam fires, depending on the circumstance.

Why is NJ so smoky?

But this week, for the second time in less than a year, New Jersey has been blanketed with soot from smoke that traveled 3,000 miles across the continent from enormous wildfires that have engulfed drought-ravaged Western states.