When was the ChristChurch Cathedral damaged?

When was the ChristChurch Cathedral damaged?

February 2011
Earthquakes Damage Cathedral Cathedral severely damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes, particularly in February 2011 when the tower and spire collapsed. On 13 June 2011 the west elevation was badly damaged causing the full collapse of the iconic rose window.

When was Canterbury Cathedral destroyed?

The cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1067, a year after the Norman Conquest. Rebuilding began in 1070 under the first Norman archbishop, Lanfranc (1070–1077).

What important event happened at the Canterbury Cathedral?

Murder of Thomas Becket A pivotal event in the history of the Canterbury Cathedral occurred on December 29, 1170, when King Henry II ordered the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket inside the church. The two had fought over rights and privileges of the church.

Why is the ChristChurch Cathedral important?

The cathedral contains the throne and memorial to Bishop Harper, the first Bishop of Christchurch and the second Primate of New Zealand, who laid the foundation stone in 1864 and preached at the consecration service in 1881.

Why is Canterbury Cathedral so important?

importance in Canterbury In 1170 Canterbury Cathedral was the scene of the murder of Thomas Becket, the archbishop. Many pilgrims subsequently visited his shrine, and those of the 14th century were immortalized by Geoffrey Chaucer in his The Canterbury Tales.

What is the history of Canterbury Cathedral?

Canterbury Cathedral was one of the most important centres of pilgrimage in Medieval England. There has been a cathedral at Canterbury since 597 when St. Augustine baptised the Saxon king Ethelbert. The Archbishop of Canterbury was the most senior religious figure in the land and he was based at the cathedral.

Why is Canterbury important to Christianity?

There is evidence of a group of Romano-British Christians worshipping in the ancient city. In fact, Canterbury’s church of St Martin’s might even date from this time, making it the site of Christian worship in England to have been in longest continuous use.

What caused the Christchurch earthquake 2011?

The earthquake was caused by the rupture of a 15-kilometre-long fault along the southern edge of the city, from Cashmere to the Avon–Heathcote estuary. The fault slopes southward beneath the Port Hills and did not break the surface – scientists used instrument measurements to determine its location and movement.

Who was killed in Canterbury Cathedral?

Thomas Becket
Thomas Becket being murdered by four knights in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170. Image from Liber Chronicarum (Nuremberg Chronicle) by Hartmann Schedel, Nuremberg, 1493. Within a few days after Thomas’s death, his tomb became a goal of pilgrimage, and he was canonized by Pope Alexander III in 1173.

Was Canterbury Cathedral bombed in the war?

It was a day which signalled an escalation in the air war between Britain and Germany and one the city will never forget. On the night of June 1, 1942, the German Luftwaffe descended on Canterbury, carpeting with bombs everything beneath them in a savage act of retaliation.

What is the history of the ChristChurch Cathedral?

A Brief History of Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand. In its prime, the Christchurch Cathedral was the focal point of Cathedral Square – an area historically recognised as the heart of the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The 2011 earthquake devastated the building, and its fate was soon cast into doubt.

What damage has ChristChurch Cathedral suffered from earthquakes?

The Canterbury region has experienced many earthquakes and, like many buildings in Christchurch, the cathedral has suffered earthquake damage. A stone was dislodged from the finial cap of the spire, immediately below the terminal cross, within a month of the cathedral’s consecration.

What is the name of the church in New Zealand that collapsed?

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What happened to the Christchurch spire?

The February 2011 Christchurch earthquake destroyed the spire and the upper portion of the tower, and severely damaged the rest of the building. A lower portion of the tower was demolished immediately following the 2011 earthquake to facilitate search and rescue operations. The remainder of the tower was demolished in March 2012.