When was Bilderberg last?

When was Bilderberg last?

The 2019 Bilderberg Conference took place between 30 May – 2 June 2019 at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Montreux, Switzerland.

Who attended the first Bilderberg meeting?

Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans.

Where is the Bilderberg Hotel?

The stately Bilderberg is the premier conference centre in the Netherlands. It is located in Oosterbeek near Arnhem in a wooded setting easily accessible from the A12 and A50.

What is the Bilderberg Group?

Founded by an Ex-Nazi and an Agent of the Vatican The co-founders of the Bilderberg Group were two historical figures with checkered backgrounds. They were Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands and Józef Retinger who was a political advisor, originally from Poland, who worked with the Vatican.

What is the economic model supported by the Bilderberg Group?

The People’s Republic of China is the economic model supported by the Bilderberg Group. This economic model is to be used as the accepted form of government for the development of a European Superstate and the United States. It is being implemented through incremental steps of governance.

Did the Bilderberg Group know about the housing bubble in 2008?

The majority consensus agrees that members of the Bilderberg Group and the Global Elite knew of the pending economic crash of 2008. There was information revealed after the Groups meeting in 2006 which clarifies that the Bilderberg Group not only knew of the housing bubble but was also precariously part of the formation of said bubble.

What is the Rockefeller’s agreement with the Bilderberg Group?

Their agreement with the Bilderberg Group is that nothing that takes place within the meetings are ever reported through any media sources. The Rockefeller family still holds a tremendous amount of power. In fact the families’ patriarch David Rockefeller is in his mid 90’s and nearly at the end of his worldly dominance.