When did Raul Alfonsin become President?

When did Raul Alfonsin become President?

Raúl Alfonsín
Constituency Buenos Aires
President of Argentina
In office 10 December 1983 – 8 July 1989
Vice President Víctor Hipólito Martínez

Who was the Radical Party leader elected President of Argentina in 1916?

1916 Argentine general election

Nominee Hipólito Yrigoyen Ángel Rojas
Party Radical Civic Union Conservative Party
Running mate Pelagio Luna Juan Eugenio Serú
Electoral vote 133 70
States carried 5 + CF 4

Who was elected in 1983 in Argentina?

1983 Argentine general election

Candidate Raúl Alfonsín Ítalo Lúder
Party Radical Civic Union Justicialist Party
Running mate Víctor Martínez Deolindo Bittel
Electoral vote 317 259
States carried 15 + CABA 8

What was the Radical party in Argentina?

The Radical Civic Union (Spanish: Unión Cívica Radical, UCR) is a centrist and social-liberal political party in Argentina….Radical Civic Union.

Radical Civic Union Unión Cívica Radical
Senate Leader Luis Naidenoff
Founded 26 June 1891
Split from Civic Union
Headquarters Adolfo Alsina 1786 Buenos Aires – Argentina

When was democracy restored in Argentina?

Between 1930 and 1976, the armed forces overthrew six governments in Argentina; and the country alternated periods of democracy (1912–1930, 1946–1955, and 1973–1976) with periods of restricted democracy and military rule. Following a transition that began in 1983, full-scale democracy in Argentina was reestablished.

What are the politics of Argentina?

The politics of Argentina take place in the framework of what the Constitution defines as a federal presidential representative democratic republic, where the President of Argentina is both Head of State and Head of Government. Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the Argentine National Congress.

When did dictatorship end in Argentina?

1976 Argentine coup d’état

Date 24 March 1976
Location Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires
Result Overthrow of Isabel Perón. Jorge Rafael Videla becomes President of Argentina

Who is Raúl Alfonsín?

Raúl Alfonsín. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín Foulkes (12 March 1927 – 31 March 2009) was an Argentine lawyer and statesman who served as the President of Argentina from 10 December 1983 to 8 July 1989.

Why did Alfonsin leave the UCR?

Alfonsín stayed on as president of the UCR, leaving after the party’s defeat in the 1991 legislative elections. Suffering damage to its image because of the hyperinflation of 1989, the UCR lost in several districts. Alfonsín became president of the party again in 1993.

What was the first priority of Raúl Alfonsin?

The first priority of Raúl Alfonsín was to consolidate democracy, incorporate the armed forces into their standard role in a civilian government, and prevent further military coups. Alfonsín first tried to reduce the political power of the military with budget cuts, reductions of military personnel and changing their political tasks.

Who was the leader of the UCR in Argentina?

Alfonsín continued as the leader of the UCR and opposed the presidency of Carlos Menem. He initiated the Pact of Olivos with Menem in order to negotiate the terms for the 1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution. Fernando de la Rúa led a faction of the UCR that opposed the pact, and eventually became president in 1999.