What were the most popular radio shows in the 1940s?

What were the most popular radio shows in the 1940s?

Top 10 1940s Radio Programs

  • 1940-41: The Jell-O Program.
  • 1941-42: The Chase and Sanborn Hour.
  • 1942-43: The Pepsodent Show.
  • 1943-44: Fibber McGee and Molly.
  • 1944-45: The Pepsodent Show.
  • 1946-47: Fibber McGee and Molly.
  • 1947-48: The Fred Allen Show.
  • 1948-49: Fibber McGee and Molly.

What were two popular radio shows during the Golden Age of Radio?

Children listened to the adventure series Little Orphan Annie and the science-fiction show Flash Gordon. Amos ‘n’ Andy, a situation comedy, was the most popular show ever broadcast, lasting more than 30 years. The Shadow, a crime drama, also had a loyal following.

What was the name of one of the first black radio shows on NBC in the 1950s which was 15 minutes long?

Riley, a wing riveter at the fictional Cunningham Aircraft plant in California….Radio.

William Bendix as Chester A. Riley
Genre Situation comedy
Produced by Irving Brecher
Original release January 16, 1944 – June 29, 1951

How many people had radios in 1940?

28 million households
By the 1940 Census, 28 million households (82.8 percent of the U.S. population) reported radio ownership.

What was on TV in the 1940s?

Below is a list of television-related events during 1940….Television shows.

Series Debut Ended
NBC News with Lowell Thomas February 21, 1940 July 30, 1940
The Esso Television Reporter March 27, 1940 May 31, 1940
Boxing from Jamaica Arena July 8, 1940 May 18, 1942

What was the first Top 40 radio station in the US?

Todd Storz took the tight playlist formula from KOWH, doubled the number, and the first “Top 40” station was born. With only 250 watts way up at 1450kHz, WTIX debuted with a 50 share. 19. WKVQ (15Q)/Knoxville.

What are the top 10 radio stations of all time?

The Greatest Top 40 Stations Of All Time! 1 KIIS/Los Angeles. 2 WYHY (Y107)/Nashville. 3 CKLW/Windsor-Detroit. 4 KCBQ/San Diego. 5 WJET/Erie, PA. 6 KFRC/San Francisco. 7 WHTZ (Z100)/New York. 8 WAPE/Jacksonville. 9 KLIF/Dallas. 10 WAYS/Charlotte.

What are the best radio stations for oldies?

50s Radio Stations 1 Classic Hits 104.1 2 .977 50s, 60s Hits 3 Cattle Country 94.3 FM 4 Oldies 107.9 – WOLD-LP 5 011.FM – Golden Oldies 6 97.7 Hank

What happened to radio 8-0?

As “Radio 8-0” CKLW spent the early ’60s as a crappy Top 40 well behind WKNR and WXYZ. It exploded in 1967 with the Drake format. No one, ever, anywhere, did the basics better than the Big 8. With separate board ops for the jocks and the newsroom, intro times to the quarter second, including commercials, no station was ever tighter.