What was the damage of the 1964 Alaska tsunami?

What was the damage of the 1964 Alaska tsunami?

The four minute duration of shaking triggered many landslides and avalanches. Major structural damage occurred in many of the major cities in Alaska. The damage totalled 300-400 million dollars (1964 dollars). The number of deaths from the earthquake totalled 131; 115 in Alaska and 16 in Oregon and California.

How much damage did the Alaska tsunami cause?

A total of 128 people died as a result of the tsunami, including 16 from California and 4 children from Oregon. Damages to Pacific Coast states and territories totaled $895 million (2011 USD).

What were the effects of the 1964 Alaska earthquake?

The earthquake triggered a swell of devastating tsunamis, landslides and submarine slumps which caused massive property damage and loss of life. The death toll reached 131 people: 15 died during the initial tremors and the rest in the subsequent tsunamis and landslides.

Did the Alaska earthquake cause damage?

Tsunamis produced by the earthquake resulted in deaths and damage as far away as Oregon and California. Altogether the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis caused 129 fatalities and an estimated $2.3 billion in property losses (in 2013 dollars).

How did the 1964 Alaska earthquake affect the economy?

The harbor facilities were almost completely destroyed, and the entire economic base of the town was wiped out. The total cost to replace the destroyed public and private facilities was estimated at $22 million.

What was the impact of the Prince William Sound earthquake?

In Prince William Sound, waves demolished all but one home at the native village of Chenega, destroyed homesites at Point Nowell and Anderson Bay, and caused varying amounts of damage to waterfront facilities at Sawmill Bay, Latouche, Port Oceanic, Port Nellie Juan, Perry Island, and western Port Valdez.

How did Alaska’s 1964 earthquake affect the offshore environment?

How did Alaska’s 1964 earthquake affect the offshore environment? Uplifted segments of the ocean floor became islands with freshwater ponds. What changes did scientists find in saltwater stickleback fish that were stranded in freshwater ponds due to the 1964 Alaska earthquake?

How much damage did the Lituya Bay tsunami cause?

The strike-slip earthquake took place on the Fairweather Fault and triggered a rockslide of 40 million cubic yards (30 million cubic meters and about 90 million tons) into the narrow inlet of Lituya Bay, Alaska….1958 Lituya Bay earthquake and megatsunami.

UTC time 1958-07-10 06:15:58
Tsunami 524 m (1,720 ft) runup
Casualties 5 dead

What was the worst earthquake in US history?

The Largest Earthquakes in the United States

1. 9.2 March 28, 1964
2. 8.8 March 9, 1957
3. 8.7 Feb. 4, 1965
4. 8.3 Nov. 10, 1938

What type of fault caused the 1964 Alaska earthquake?

The Alaska earthquake was a subduction zone (megathrust) earthquake, caused by an oceanic plate sinking under a continental plate. The fault responsible was the Aleutian Megathrust, a reverse fault caused by a compressional force.

What caused the 1964 earthquake in Alaska?

of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake (red star), caused when the Pacific Plate lurched northward underneath the North American Plate. There was extensive damage to coastal towns and infrastructure throughout the region, particularly in Anchorage, Seward, Whittier, and Valdez.

Which cities did the Alaskan tsunami of 1964 Destroy?

Magnitude 9.2: The 1964 Alaska Earthquake Short video (4 min) by Stephen Wessells,USGS relating how the largest quake in U.S.

  • USGS Monthly Evening Lecture Series “The 1964 Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami” lecture by George Plafker,USGS Geologist Emeritus.
  • The 1964 Alaska Earthquake—What Happened and Why IRIS video directed by Robert F.
  • What was the wave speed of the 1964 Alaska tsunami?

    Stop the animation at the one-and-a-half hour mark: this is when a TWC could issue its first tsunami warning in 1964. A tsunami is a series of waves, not just a single wave. In the open ocean, tsunami waves can travel at speeds up to 800 km per hour or 500 mi. per hour, as fast as a jet plane.

    Why did the 1964 Alaska earthquake occur?

    1964 Great Alaska Earthquake resulted from plate convergence: where the Pacific megathrust fault during the 1964 earthquake . Plate is being overridden by the North American Plate, it descends, or subducts, into the Earth’s mantle along the Aleutian Trench. Subduction zones like southern Alaska’s occur throughout the