What was the cause of the Great Hanshin Earthquake?

What was the cause of the Great Hanshin Earthquake?

The great Hanshin earthquake was caused by plate motion under Hanshin area. The inland shallow earthquake type decides its severe damage to cities such as Kobe and Osaka, by both shocking waves and soil liquification.

What was the damage of the Great Hanshin Earthquake?

The earthquake killed 5378 people, injured 33,189 people, damaged 152,297 buildings, and incinerated an area of 671,253 m2, the equivalent of 70 U.S. city blocks (Asahi Evening News, 1995). Total property losses were about $100 billion.

How many people died in the 1995 Japan earthquake?

6,000 deaths
The January 17, 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu earthquake of magnitude 7.2 in JMA scale (Mw = 6.9), which struck Kobe, Japan and its surrounding area was the most severe earthquake to affect that region this century. The earthquake resulted in more than 6,000 deaths and over 30,000 injuries.

How much did the Kobe earthquake cost?

The quake had a moment magnitude of 6.9 and cost more than $100 billion in damage. The Kobe government spent years constructing new facilities to attract back the 50,000 people who left after the quake.

What type of earthquake was the Great Hanshin Earthquake?

inland shallow earthquake
The Great Hanshin earthquake belonged to a third type, called an “inland shallow earthquake”. Earthquakes of this type occur along active faults….Intensity.

Intensity Location
5 the cities of Toyooka (in Hyōgo Prefecture), Hikone (in Shiga Prefecture) and Kyoto

How many homes were burned by the Kobe earthquake?

The quake killed more than 6,000 people, injured at least 30,000 and left more than 300,000 people homeless. More than 100,000 buildings were severely damaged or destroyed by the quake and the fires it caused. 148 separate fires destroyed 6,513 buildings.

What happened during the Great Hanshin earthquake?

The Great Hanshin earthquake hit the the western region of Japan, being the two cities Osaka and Kobe. Striking at 5:46am the entire city was in a deadlock. Shock, uncertainty and disbelief had filled the atmosphere and thoughts of millions that resided in the city.

What was the worst earthquake in Japan in 1995?

Jan 17, 1995 CE: Kobe Earthquake. A crane and several construction vehicles lay toppled on a fractured road in Kobe, Japan, after a 7.2-magnitude temblor shook the quake-prone country. The Great Hanshin Earthquake Disaster of 1995 was one of the worst in Japan’s history, killing 6,433 people and causing more than $100 billion in damages.

What was the magnitude of the 1995 Kobe earthquake?

The Great Hanshin earthquake (阪神・淡路大震災 Hanshin Awaji daishinsai), or Kobe earthquake, occurred on January 17, 1995 at 05:46:53 JST (January 16 at 20:46:53 UTC) in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, including the region known as Hanshin. It measured 6.9 on the moment magnitude scale…

What is the Great Hanshin-Awaji disaster?

In Japan, the disaster by this earthquake is officially called The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster (阪神・淡路大震災, Hanshin-Awaji Daishinsai), which is often shortened to The Great Hanshin Earthquake Disaster (阪神大震災, Hanshin Daishinsai). Hanshin refers to the region between Osaka and Kobe.