What TSR means?

What TSR means?

Total shareholder return (TSR) is a measure of financial performance, indicating the total amount an investor reaps from an investment—specifically, equities or shares of stock. Total shareholder return factors in capital gains and dividends when measuring the total return generated by a stock.

What does high TSR mean?

High TSR means the Company has achieved an annualized Total Shareholder Return, compounded each December 31, of at least twelve percent (12%) for the Performance Period.

How do I delete my student room account?

How do I delete my account? You can now delete your own account. To do so, hover over your username in the top bar. Then select ‘Cutomise my TSR’ > ‘Edit my login settings’.

What’s the difference between CSR and TSR?

Many people are unsure of the difference between Technical Service Representatives (TSRs) and Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Do you need to hire TSRs or CSR for your company? In short, TSRs work on technical issues with customers, while CSRs handle customer service problems.

How is the use of TSR beneficial to business strategy?

TSR, the stock price appreciation plus reinvested dividends over a period, is the ultimate measure of a company’s achievement for shareholders over the long term. Higher TSR results in greater capital gains for shareholders, stock price appreciation for employee-‐owners and potential for future success.

What is a TSR modifier?

TSR Modifier: After the number of shares of Common Stock in which Participant can vest based on the level of attainment of the Performance Goal is determined, the relative TSR Modifier may either increase or decrease the number of shares from +25% to -25%.

What is TSR in mechanical?

Technical Support Representative. Business » Occupation & Positions — and more… Rate it: TSR. Technical Service Representative.

Is TSR annualized?

Total shareholder return (TSR) (or simply total return) is a measure of the performance of different companies’ stocks and shares over time. It combines share price appreciation and dividends paid to show the total return to the shareholder expressed as an annualized percentage.

Is high dividend yield always good?

Many investors look to dividend-paying stocks to generate income in addition to capital gains. A high dividend yield, however, may not always be a good sign, since the company is returning so much of its profits to investors (rather than growing the company.)

Is high dividend yield good?

In general, dividend yields of 2% to 4% are considered strong, and anything above 4% can be a great buy—but also a risky one. When comparing stocks, it’s important to look at more than just the dividend yield.

Why is it more difficult to value stocks than bonds?

Stocks are far harder to value, because the future cash income associated with a stock is far more difficult to predict. The more profitable the company, the more cash it can distribute to stockholders. There is practically no limit to how high the dividend payments can be.

How do I delete a thread on TSR?

The edit button is in the bottom right hand corner of your posts and gives you the option to delete it there.

What is TSR in finance?

Total shareholder return (TSR) is a measure of financial performance, indicating the total amount an investor reaps from an investment—specifically, equities or shares of stock. Total shareholder…

What is the student room (TSR)?

The Student Room (TSR) is an online community where thousands of students help each other out. As the largest online engagement platform for students in the UK, it’s an invaluable part of life for most young people looking for meaningful connections, life advice and study support. Why The Student Room?

What does a TSR Rep do for a university?

“Our TSR Rep was fundamental to the University in converting a number of students during the results period. Having the ability to engage with students first-hand where they are having discussions about universities resulted in high success rates for Bradford and was key during this period.”

Is TSR a good measure of long-term value?

TSR is a good gauge of an investment’s long-term value, but it is limited to past performance, requires an investment to generate cash flows, and can be sensitive to stock market volatility. An investor makes money from stock in two basic ways: capital gains and current income.