What songs does GTA 4 have?

What songs does GTA 4 have?


  • The Boggs – “Arm in Arm (Shy Child Mix)” (2008)
  • Cheeseburger – “Cocaine” (2005)
  • Get Shakes – “Disneyland, Pt 1” (2007)
  • LCD Soundsystem – “Get Innocuous” (2007)
  • The Prairie Cartel – “Homicide” (2008)*
  • Juliette and the Licks – “Inside the Cage (David Gilmour Girls remix)” (2008)
  • Unkle feat.

What songs should be in GTA 6?

On top of that, they were able to name four songs that are apparently going to be included. They are Odessa by Caribou, Domino Dancing from the Pet Shop Boys, Numb from Rhianna and Eminem, as well as Disparate Youth from Santigold.

Does GTA have Eminem’s songs?

Dre & Eminem Track. Dr. Dre and Eminem reunited in the booth for a track set to feature in GTA Online’s The Contract update, which goes live December 15.

What Kanye songs are in GTA?

Flashing Lights is a 2007 hip hop/R&B song performed by American hip hop artist Kanye West featuring Dwele that is featured on The Beat 102.7 radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What is K109 The studio in Grand Theft Auto 4?

“DJ Karl returns to K109 The Studio with a new mix of club classics from the likes of Chic and Créme D’Cocoa.” K109 The Studio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City that plays disco music. The station is hosted by the late Karl Lagerfeld.

How many Grand Theft Auto games have a theme song?

TBOGT is one of four GTA games with lyrics in its theme song, the other three being Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The graphics of The Ballad of Gay Tony have a much brighter look compared to The Lost and Damned or Grand Theft Auto IV.

What is The Ballad of Gay Tony Grand Theft Auto 4?

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony adds to the soundtracks of the standard Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned while keeping all of the previous music from Liberty City. ElectroChoc got a new DJ in the form of Crookers, as did Vladivostok FM with DJ Paul, and San Juan Sounds with Henry Santos Jeter.

What happened to the Skatt Brothers song in GTA 5?

Due to the death of Skatt Brothers lead singer Sean Delaney, Rockstar Games hired a private investigator to track down Delaney’s surviving relatives to secure the rights of the track as the company felt that the song was essential to the game. Radio ’76 FM – a funk radio in GTA.