What schools are in greater Clark County Indiana?

What schools are in greater Clark County Indiana?

Our Schools

  • Franklin Square Elementary.
  • Jonathan Jennings Elementary.
  • New Washington Elementary.
  • Northaven Elementary.
  • Parkwood Elementary.
  • Pleasant Ridge Elementary.
  • Riverside Elementary.
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary.

What school district is Jeffersonville Indiana in?

Greater Clark County Schools School
Greater Clark County Schools School District in Jeffersonville, IN.

How many school districts are in Clark County?

365 schools
The district is divided into three regions and operates over 365 schools….

Clark County School District
Superintendent Jesús Jara
Budget $2.834 bn (2014)
Students and staff
Students 324,093 (2014)

How many students are in Greater Clark County Schools?

10,310 students
Overview of Greater Clark County Schools Greater Clark County Schools contains 20 schools and 10,310 students. The district’s minority enrollment is 40%.

How many schools are in Jeffersonville Indiana?

20 schools
The district operates 20 schools located in Jeffersonville, Utica, Charlestown, New Washington, and Clarksville. The current interim superintendent is Mark Laughner….Elementary schools.

Name Location
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Jeffersonville
Utica Elementary School Utica
Wilson Elementary School Jeffersonville

What does CCSD stand for?


Acronym Definition
CCSD Community Consolidated School District (Palatine, IL)
CCSD Charleston County School District (South Carolina)
CCSD Clarkstown Central School District (New City, New York)
CCSD Cobb County School District (Georgia)

How many students does Clark County School District have?

320,000 students
The Clark County School District is the 5th largest school district in the nation with over 320,000 students in 357 schools and over 40,000 employees.

Where does Clark County School District rank in the US?

Nevada’s K-12 education system is now ranked 35th in the country for academic achievement and has an overall score of D+ on an annual national report.

How many elementary schools are there in Clark County?

Clark County School District contains 374 schools and 328,991 students.