What qualifies as bound printed matter?

What qualifies as bound printed matter?

Bound Printed Matter is a cost effective way to mail single-piece or volume presort permanently-bound sheets of advertising, promotional, directory or editorial material such as catalogs, books and other printed material using PS Form 8042 (Bound Printed Matter Documentation Form) and a permit account or a penalty …

What is the difference between USPS Bound Printed Matter and Media Mail?

In general, the main difference between Bound Printed Matter and Media Mail is that Bound Printed Matter may contain advertising while Media Mail is restricted to advertising that consists of incidental announcements of books. The minimum number of printed pages for Media Mail is limited to eight or more pages.

Can I ship books bound printed matter?

USPS has a special discount category for “bound printed matter”, like catalogs and books. With the Bound Printed Matter category, you can save postage on mail up to 15 pounds per piece, unlike Marketing Mail which is limited to pieces one pound or less.

How long does Bound Printed Matter take?

Delivery times average 7 to 10 business days but can take 3 weeks or more. Previously known as “3rd Class or Bulk,” many companies use Standard Mail rather than USPS First Class in order to help reduce costs.

What items qualify for Media Mail?

The only products that qualify for Media Mail are books without advertising; 16 mm or less films or rolls of film; printed music; sound or video recordings; play scripts; manuscripts; DVDs; CDs; printed educational charts; testing materials; medical information pages; maps in the form of atlases; and computer-readable …

What is USPS book rate?

The cost of sending Media Mail is determined by your package’s weight. For a book that’s 1 pound or less, you’ll pay $2.75 for shipping with Media Mail. For each additional pound, add 52 cents to your total. For example, shipping a 5-pound book through Media Mail will cost $4.83 in postage.

How much does it cost to mail printed matter?

For example, postage for a First-Class Mail® parcel weighing 8 ounces is $2.36. Whereas postage for a Bound Printed Matter parcel at the 1-pound price (BPM is rated by zone and in pound and half-pound increments) to a more local zone costs only $2.15. Postage for a one-pound retail Priority Mail® package is $4.80.

What qualifies as Media Mail USPS?

Available for sending small and large packages containing books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes) only. Media Mail cannot contain advertising. Books shipping as Media Mail may contain incidental book announcements. Packages can weigh up to 70 lbs.

How much does it cost to Mail printed matter?

Do yearbooks qualify for Media Mail?

Do maps qualify for Media Mail?

Atlas – Media Mail Maps printed on pages of books are considered for postal purposes to be reading matter. Thus, a book that is devoted to maps and which has at least eight printed pages and contains no advertising matter, could qualify to be mailed at Media Mail prices.

Do magazines qualify for Media Mail?

Don’t Use Media Mail! Since magazines often contain some form of advertisements, USPS specifically disqualifies them from Media Mail. If you try, USPS will most likely hand the package back to you. When that happens, you’ll need to pay to send it all over again…and you’ll be out for the cost of that original postage.

What are the minimums for Bound Printed Matter bulk mail?

For Bound Printed Matter mailings, there are no minimums per mailing or per zip code, although mailings of 300 total pieces or more get better pricing. There are no monthly or yearly minimums. What are the size and weight limits for Bound Printed Matter bulk mail?

What is the difference between Bound Printed Matter and handstamped matter?

Handstamped imprints, unless the added material is in itself personal or converts the original matter to a personal communication. Matter mailable separately as USPS Marketing Mail printed on the wrapper, envelope, tag, or label. Bound Printed Matter (BPM) is a subclass of Package Services.

How do I apply for a Bound Printed Matter permit?

How to apply: You can apply online for a Bound Printed Matter permit and for a permit imprint authorization. Or, you can apply for your permit in person, using USPS form 3615. Where to apply: It’s best that you apply for your permit at the post office where you expect to take your mail.

How are shipping costs calculated for presorted and carrier route bound materials?

Presorted and Carrier Route Bound Printed Matter mailings paid with permit imprint are charged a per pound price and a per piece price as follows: For pieces weighing 1 pound or less, compute the per pound price by multiplying the total number of addressed pieces by the 1-pound price for the price category and zone.