What phones do they use in PLL?

What phones do they use in PLL?

Season one (2010–2011)

  • Aria Montgomery’s Motorola KRZR K1.
  • Aria Montgomery’s Microsoft Kin One.
  • Aria Montgomery’s Palm Pixi with fake stickers in the upper corner to look like speaker grilles.
  • Spencer Hastings’ iPhone 3G.
  • Spencer Hastings’ HTC HD2.
  • Hanna Marin’s Palm Pre.

Who was Wren talking to on the phone?

Later, Wren is seen talking on the phone to someone in Radley, coloring in the sketch he showed to Mona, coloring the coat on the women red, showing that Wren may know of Red Coat. Toby discovers that Wren is moving in with Melissa and that he has some sort of connection with Shana Fring.

What phone did Hannah have in PLL?

Hanna Marin currently owns a white & gold iPhone 6s in a white birds nest case.

Did Aria tell Ezra about Nicole calling?

The Wrath of Kahn Ezra’s text about Nicole From Colombia, Ezra texts Aria telling her that Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages.

What car does Spencer Hastings Drive?

I noticed Paige got into a dark blue Toyota Yaris in the episode and I remember Spencer’s family has a Toyota Highlander (I think is the exact model name) but it’s not dark blue, it’s a grey-blue.

Is Wren A in Pretty Little Liars?

Wren basically admitted he was A once. In season one, episode four, all of the girls block a mysterious number from calling them. Later that night, when Wren is drunk, he tells Spencer he tried calling her but couldn’t get through because she blocked his number!

WHO LOST A’s phone PLL?

In “Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares”, The Liars discover A’s Motorola Droid burner phone on the ground after Hanna ran over her. Caleb managed to get information off it, before Mona shut it down.

Is Wilden alive PLL?

Wilden was killed by two gunshot wounds soon after the lodge fire by Charlotte DiLaurentis. He was portrayed by Bryce Johnson.

Who tortured Hanna PLL?

Mona stabbed her in the back, Lucas stabbed her in the back, Ashley almost getting caught stealing $50.000!!! Mona and Lucas stabbing Hanna in the back really broke her heart. She got run over by a car! Tortured in the cabin with that cattle tazor, in that maniquin room and now in that room in the shoe shop!

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