What movies have the song Live and Let Die in it?

What movies have the song Live and Let Die in it?

“Live and Let Die” is the only song to appear on all of McCartney’s live albums (except for the acoustic-based Unplugged.) Following the 9/11 attacks, the song was placed on Clear Channel’s list of inappropriate song titles. The song was included in the movie Shrek The Third (2007) and on its soundtrack.

Was the song Live and Let Die written for the movie?

From Wikipedia: “Live and Let Die” is the main theme song of the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by Paul’s band Wings. It was one of the group’s most successful singles, and the most successful Bond theme to that point, charting at No.

Was Live and Let Die a good movie?

“Live and Let Die” is the ninth James Bond picture, and not exactly the best. It has all the necessary girls, gimmicks, subterranean control rooms, uniformed goons and magic wristwatches it can hold, but it doesn’t have the wit and it doesn’t have the style of the best Bond movies.

Who was Paul McCartney’s father?

James McCartneyPaul McCartney / Father

Who recorded Live and Let Die?

Paul McCartney
Linda McCartney
Live and Let Die/Artists

What happened to Solitaire in Live and Let Die?

When Kananga asks why she allowed herself to be seduced by Bond, the medium protests that the cards had spoken and she had no choice in the matter. Furious, Kananga slaps Solitaire to the floor, sentences her to death and turns her over to Baron Samedi for sacrifice.

When did Lennon die?

December 8, 1980John Lennon / Date of assassination
Fans paid tribute to the late artist on social media. Lennon was 40 years old at the time of his death. Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono, wrote, “Over 1.5 million people have been killed by guns in the U.S.A. since John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.”

What did Linda McCartney die?

Tucson, AZLinda McCartney / Place of death

When did live and Let Die take place?

Live and Let Die (film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. 1973 James Bond film by Guy Hamilton. Live and Let Die is a 1973 British spy film, the eighth in the James Bond series to be produced by Eon Productions, and the first to star Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.

Who are the actors in live and Let Die?

Promotional image of the cast of Live and Let Die. From left: Julius Harris, Jane Seymour, Geoffrey Holder, Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto and Earl Jolly Brown. Roger Moore as MI6 agent James Bond 007: A British agent who is sent on a mission to investigate the murder of three fellow agents.

What movie was Paul McCartney’s song in the law used in?

A version of McCartney’s song mixed by producer Ralph Sall was used in the 2003 comedy The In-Laws, starring Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks.

What is the Rotten Tomatoes rating of live and Let Die?

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 65% from 52 reviews based on 5.7/10. The website’s critical consensus reads: “While not one of the highest-rated Bond films, Live and Let Die finds Roger Moore adding his stamp to the series with flashes of style and an improved sense of humor.”