What major industry extensively used post war Stearman aircraft?

What major industry extensively used post war Stearman aircraft?

After the conflict was over, thousands of surplus aircraft were sold on the civilian market. In the immediate postwar years, they became popular as crop dusters and sports planes, and for aerobatic and wing walking use in air shows….Boeing-Stearman Model 75.

Model 75 (Stearman Kaydet)
Number built 10,620+

What was the Stearman biplane used for?

The PT-17 Stearman Biplane. Stearman #03 and our newest aircraft, Stearman #751, are original aircraft, built by Boeing in 1941 and 1940 respectively and used by the U.S. Army Air Corps as a pilot training aircraft during WWII.

Who made Stearman aircraft?

the Boeing company
In 1938 Stearman became a division of the Boeing company. In 1941 the company became the Wichita Division of The Boeing Airplane Company and soon began to build the B-29 Superfortress, one of the largest aircraft in use during World War II. Boeing ‘s Wichita Division delivered all of the 1,644 bombers.

Where was the Stearman made?

Wichita, Kansas
Stearman Aircraft Corporation was an aircraft manufacturer in Wichita, Kansas. Although the company designed a range of other aircraft, it is most known for producing the Model 75, which is commonly known simply as the “Stearman” or “Boeing Stearman”.

When was the last Stearman made?

February 1945
The prototype Stearman was tested by both the Army and the Navy as early as 1934, and by the time the last production model was completed in February 1945, more than 10,000 had been built.

When was the last Stearman built?

In February 45 the last Stearman was built at Boeing Wichita. In all some 8,585 model 70-76 were produced from ’33-’45 (grand total of 10 346 ref pic.). On Jan 1949 4233 were on the civil register, 1969 only 3000…

How high can a Stearman Fly?

13,200 ft
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Max Speed 117 knots (134.6 mph, 216.7 km/h)
Service Ceiling 13,200 ft (4,023 m)
Cruise Speed 83 knots (95.5 mph, 153.7 km/h)
Max Range 438.8 nm (505 mi, 812.7 km)
Fuel Burn 12-13 gal/hr

How many Boeing Stearmans are still flying?

Truly an American icon, the Stearman PT-17 is one of the most recognizable pre-WWII Training Aircraft. Of the more than 10,000 models and variants built by Stearman and Boeing, over 1,000 are still flying.

When was the Stearman biplane made?

The Stearman was a primary trainer flown by the United States and several Allied nations during World War II. From 1934 until February 1945, the Stearman Aircraft Company, a division of the Boeing Aircraft Company, built a total of 8,428 model 75 airplanes for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy for use as primary trainers.