What lures to use while trolling?

What lures to use while trolling?

Trolling slow usually means a using a hard body lure or live bait of some type. Weather a yellow tail, slimy mackerel or a small bonito a live bait needs to be able to swim a little. That means trolling as slowly as your engine will possibly allow, often moving just enough to keep the bait behind the boat.

Can you troll lures?

You can troll up a creek for natives, or miles offshore for tuna – in fact, just about every predatory fish will eat a lure. Over the years, I have caught a wide variety by trolling – from trout to flathead and kingfish to marlin, as well as some oddities like blackfish. It really is a universally popular technique.

What is a good speed for trolling?

So, what is the best trolling speed? The best trolling speed depends on several factors including the type of fish, water conditions and lure choice. In general, trolling speeds between 1.5 and 2.5 mph, as measured by GPS, are a good starting place for most species like walleye, trout and salmon.

What is the best bait for deep sea fishing?

The Best Bait and Lures to Use While Deep Sea Fishing- Fin and Fly The bait that tends to have quite a bit of luck is menhaden shad, which are also called pogies. Other baits that you might want to consider include ribbonfish…

What are the best deep sea fishing boats?

– Bass Online Fishing Guides – Port Everglades – Fort Lauderdale Beach – Bass Online Fishing Guides

How to place sinkers in deep sea fishing?

Select a sinker style suited to the conditions your fishing.

  • Select the weight to position your bait in the strike zone.
  • Use the minimum weight that works in the conditions,too heavy will reduce bite feel and fish may feel the weight before being hooked,too light and you won’t reach
  • What to wear deep sea fishing in Florida?

    What to wear deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys? In the summer, you want to make sure you dress in cool clothing, but you don’t want to wear anything too heavy or bulky. When choosing your fishing clothing: Make sure to select lightweight materials that are comfortable and won’t constrict your movements or catch on to anything.