What kind of activities can you do when you are storytelling?

What kind of activities can you do when you are storytelling?

Here is our list of 10 storytelling activities for kids perfect for storytelling day:

  • Storytelling Prompts Jar.
  • Using Maps to Tell Stories.
  • DIY Paper Finger Puppets.
  • Story Stones.
  • DIY Story Cubes.
  • Family Photos.
  • Draw a Picture Game.
  • Paper dolls in a Paper City.

What are the activities for storytelling and anecdotes?

11 Classroom Activities for National Storytelling Week

  • Invite students to share their favourite story.
  • Let them dress up as their favourite story character.
  • Have a regular Story Time every day.
  • Play ‘Name That Story’
  • Explore different ways to tell stories.
  • Book a professional storyteller.

How do I make my story telling more fun?

7 Foolproof Ways to Make Storytelling More Enjoyable for Kids

  1. We need ‘Good’ Stories.
  2. Voice Modulation. Kids are naturally sensitive to emotions.
  3. Make a Proper Introduction.
  4. Eye Contact.
  5. Let them Choose their own Story.
  6. Interactive.
  7. Props, Props, Props!

What are some reading activities?

Here are some practical ideas you can incorporate into the classroom to help your students become independent readers.

  • Display letters and words around the classroom.
  • Create word families.
  • Play decoding games.
  • Teach phonemic awareness.
  • Play ‘fish’ with sight words.
  • Word search bingo.

Which two competencies can we develop the most using storytelling activities?

Using storytelling in the classroom is one way to address literacy development by improving oral language, reading comprehension, and writing.

What is the objective of storytelling activity?

Through storytelling, children learn how to pay attention and listen actively to the person talking. They learn to be more patient as they listen to others speak. It also opens their eyes to other people’s thoughts and understanding how each and every person’s opinion vary.

What will you do after reading the story to the learners?

12 Activities Your Child Can Do After Reading A Book

  • Summarization. After the story is over, ask your child to retell the story to you.
  • Illustrations Appreciation.
  • Exercise by Sequencing.
  • Vocabulary Builder.
  • Action and Consequence.
  • Conversation Starters.
  • Flight to Imagination.
  • Make Storytelling a Group Activity.

How to bring stories to life with creative storytelling activities?

Here is a collection of 12 fun and playful ways to bring stories to life with creative storytelling activities! From play dough and story sensory bins to small world play and dramatic retelling, there are lots of ideas here to choose from and keep little ones busy in playful learning.

What literacy activities should you do after reading a story?

The literacy activities you do after reading a story should relate back to the plot, characters, information or meaning of the story. Activities also can focus on specific reading skills, such as recalling details and reading the words in the story accurately.

How can teachers use storytelling during National Storytelling Week?

Have a regular Story Time every day Most teachers already have a dedicated storytelling hour each week. But during National Storytelling Week, why not have one every day? You could choose a book for all the class to read together, or split the students into groups where they can take it in turns to read a page of their favourite story.

How do you retell a story to a child?

When children retell a story, they have to pick out the main ideas and events that happened, encouraging them to focus on details as they read. Acting out the story is an entertaining way to retell what happens. Allow children to use props or draw pictures to illustrate key points in the story.