What key is a soprano recorder in?

What key is a soprano recorder in?

key of C.
The soprano recorder is in the key of C. It is the third-smallest instrument of the modern recorder family and, as its name suggests, it is usually played as the highest voice in four-part ensembles (SATB = soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

What is the difference between a soprano recorder and an alto recorder?

2. What is the difference between recorders in “c” (soprano or tenor) and “f” (alto)? The note produced with all holes closed on an alto recorder is f’ while all holes closed on the soprano is c”. The fingering patterns are the same on all recorders, with minor variations according to instrument.

Is a soprano recorder?

Soprano or Descant recorders are the best known of the recorder family and are often used as first instruments in schools. We stock soprano recorders from inexpensive plastic recorders to professional, hand-made recorders.

How do you use a soprano?

Simply use your left hand thumb to cover the hole on the back of your recorder and cover the first note in front with your pointer finger. Check for any part of the two holes uncovered, and blow. The note should be high, but not extremely high that it squeaks. If it does, cover the holes again and try again.

How long is a soprano recorder?

The typical lengths for the main types of recorders are soprano length is 12 inches (32cm); the alto is 48.7cm (19.17 inches), the tenor is double the length of a soprano. The exact length of the recorder varies depending on the type of recorder and the brand.

How can I sing soprano better?

Here’s a list of five important tips for sopranos to keep in mind.

  1. Be patient, but don’t wait too long.
  2. Build endurance, but listen to your body.
  3. Eat right and work out.
  4. Speak well.
  5. Get a laryngoscopy annually.

What other methods are available for soprano recorder?

Three other methods for soprano recorder with a companion CD recording are available in the Music Minus Oneseries, and these may be used as a supplement to the recommended Orr or Duschenes methods for additional play-along entertainment.

What is the difference between alto and sopranino recorder?

Alto recorder is an octave lower than the sopranino and has a very pleasant sound. Alto recorder is often the top choice for adults. Learning alto recorder makes a good alternative general music course for the middle school or junior high years. 147 songs with over 50 duets or rounds using the 9 easiest notes to play on alto or sopranino. 74 pages.

What is the lowest note you can play on recorder?

Alto & Sopranino Recorder Method The Alto Edition of the Nine-Note Recorder Method is a comprehensive beginning book (a printable PDF) for learning alto or sopranino recorder. These are both F instruments, meaning F is the lowest note that can be played.

Which recorder technique should I learn?

Beginning Recorder Methods Hugh Orr: Basic Recorder Technique For adults just beginning their study of the recorder, whether or not they have had prior musical experience, I most frequently tend to recommend Basic Recorder Techniqueby Canadian recorder player and teacher Hugh Orr.