What is yet another meaning?

What is yet another meaning?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Among programmers, yet another (often abbreviated ya, Ya, or YA in the initial part of an acronym) is an idiomatic qualifier in the name of a computer program, organisation, or event that is confessedly unoriginal.

How do you use yet another?

In this word couple, “yet” signifies repetition, or “again.” You would therefore say “yet another” when “another” alone has already been used, and you want to indicate “another again.” Here’s an example: “I know you already gave me a piece of pie, but now I want you to give me another.

What is the meaning of the saying tomorrow is another day?

said to mean that, although you have just had a bad experience, you are confident or hopeful that your life will be much better in the future. Everything went wrong. I didn’t play well. However, tomorrow is another day.

Is it correct to say on another day?

Both a prepositional phrase (on another day) and a temporal noun phrase (another day) can function as an adverbial in clause structure, which means that you can use either one; it becomes a question of style rather than grammar (some use “on,” and others, don’t).

How do you say yet another?


  1. a further.
  2. an extra.
  3. one more.
  4. an additional.

Has yet again meaning?

yet again ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase. DEFINITIONS1. one more time after there have been many other times. Seth knew that he had failed yet again. This just proves yet again that you have to be careful who you do business with.

How do you say another day?

  1. bygone.
  2. past.
  3. foretime.
  4. lang syne.
  5. Last Day.
  6. not long ago.
  7. recently.

What does another day at the office mean?

DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that something someone does as part of their job is routine, especially something difficult, dangerous or unusual. Tasting over 2,000 wines over the course of a few days sounds like a mammoth undertaking; but to Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, this is just another day at the office.

What is a better word for still?

1 unmoving, inert, quiescent. 2 soundless, mute. 4 pacific, placid, serene. 8 quiet, hush, calm.

Is Yet the same as but?

Main Difference – But vs Yet Although but and yet can be used interchangeably as conjunctions, they cannot be used interchangeably in other contexts. This is because these two words have different meanings as adverbs. As an adverb, but means no more than or only whereas yet means until now or so far.

What is the meaning of yet another?

Yet another synonyms, Yet another pronunciation, Yet another translation, English dictionary definition of Yet another. adj. 1. One more; an additional: had another cup of coffee. 2. Distinctly different from the first: took another route to town. 3. Some other: put it off to… Yet another – definition of Yet another by The Free Dictionary

What is the meaning of some other?

Some other: put it off to another day. pron. 1. An additional one: one encore followed by another. 2. A different one: This shirt is too big; I’ll try another. 3. One of an undetermined number or group: for one reason or another. See Usage Note at each other. [Middle English on other: on, one; see one+ other, other; see other.]

What is a good synonym for yet?

we may yet figure it out. Synonyms for yet. eventually, finally, someday, sometime, sooner or later, ultimately. Phrases Synonymous with yet.

What is the meaning of the word another?

(as pronoun): help yourself to another. 2. a. a different; alternative: another era from ours. b. (as pronoun): to try one path, then another. 3. a. a different example of the same sort: another Beethoven. b. (as pronoun): we got rid of one loafer, but I think this new man’s another. 4.