What is VDP in VMware?

What is VDP in VMware?

VDP is a robust, simple-to-deploy, disk-based backup and recovery solution. VDP is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and the VMware vSphere Web Client. VDP enables centralized and efficient management of backup jobs while storing backups in deduplicated destination storage.

How do I uninstall VDP?

Right-click the appliance and click Delete from disk. Using the Managed Object Browser, remove the vSphere Data Protection plug-in from vCenter Server: Open https://vcenterip/mob in a web browser. where vcenterip is the IP address of the vCenter Server or vCenter Server appliance.

How do I restore a VM from Data Protector?

From Data Protector 8.11 onwards, only the selected disks are read and restored….Restore using the Data Protector CLI

  1. Log in to any client with the Data Protector User Interface component installed.
  2. Open the command prompt and change to the directory in which the omnir command is located.
  3. Execute:

What does VDP stand for?

VDP stands for Vehicle Detail Page VDP, a Vehicle Detail Page, is when a user visits the inventory page of an automotive dealership’s website. This is an important KPI for automotive marketing and powersports dealerships digital advertising and website performance.

Where can I find the VMware VDP logs?

VMware VDP logs are simple to access and locate. To find the VDP logs, just login to the VDP appliance by going to: And from there you can download the logs to your workstation or from where you’re connecting. There might be quite a lot of them and it might take some time to collect those logs.

How do I manage VDP in VMware?

Management of VDP is performed by using the vSphere web client. Backup data is deduplicated and stored in the .vmd k files that make up the VDP virtual appliance or a supported Data Domain appliance. vSphere Data Protection Administration Guide 18 VMware, Inc.

What is vSphere Data Protection (VDP)?

What is VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP)? vSphere Data Protection is a VMware provided disk-based backup and restore solution that’s fully integrated into vCenter Server. It replaced VMware Data Recovery, which was deprecated with the release of vSphere 5.1, which included VDP.

What data is sent to VMware from a VDP?

VDP sends the following types of data to VMware: Version information for VDP and vSphere VDP time zone and uptime Number of protected and unprotected VMs Amount of configured capacity Data Domain in use (true/false) Capacity utilization