What is trinocular port?

What is trinocular port?

Trinocular microscopes are binocular microscopes with an addition port for a camera. The camera port will require a camera adapter before you can attach your camera. There are a number of different types of microscopes which have trinocualr heads, a sample of them is shown here.

What is a C mount on a microscope?

A C mount is a type of lens mount commonly found on 16 mm movie cameras, closed-circuit television cameras, machine vision cameras and microscope phototubes. C-mount lenses provide a male thread, which mates with a female thread on the camera.

What is diopter adjustment in microscope?

Diopter Adjustment: When you look through a microscope with two eyepiece lenses, you must be able to change the focus on one eyepiece to compensate for the difference in vision between your two eyes.

What is AC CS mount?

A C-Mount is a type of lens mount commonly found on CCTV cameras, machine vision cameras, and microscopes. C-mount lenses provide a male thread, which mates with a female thread on the camera. The thread is nominally 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter, with 32 threads per inch (0.794 mm pitch).

What is M12 lens mount?

M12 means that the diameter of the lens thread is 12mm, and it’s also known as the S-Mount lens because it is S (Smaller, Shorter) compared to the C/CS mount lenses. M12 lens is a series of lenses to be installed in the M12 mount lens base, usually used for applications where compact size is required.

What is the diopter adjustment?

The diopter adjustment allows you to customize the viewfinder so that you can see a clear, focused image inside the viewfinder without using eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

Where is the light source on a dissecting microscope?

* For a dissecting microscope with an overhead light (illuminating the object from above), the source of light called incident illumination, is located on the body of the microscope behind the objectives.

What is the proper way of carrying the microscope?

Important general rules:

  1. Always carry the microscope with 2 hands—place one hand on the microscope arm and the other hand under the microscope base.
  2. Do not touch the objective lenses (i.e. the tips of the objectives).
  3. Keep the objectives in the scan position and keep the stage low when adding or removing slides.

What is a trinocular microscope?

A trinocular microscope may be an optical, acoustic, or an electron microscope. In other words, it may be a microscope in which the specimen is illuminated by visible light, by sound, or by a particle beam of electrons. In addition, the third eyepiece may have been added to a binocular compound microscope or a stereo microscope.

What is a trinocular viewing head?

Trinocular viewing heads can be found on optical microscopes of every type. Technically speaking, as long as the microscope features a viewing head, that viewing head can be trinocular.

What is the best stereo microscope with a trinocular head?

If what you are looking for is a stereo microscope with a trinocular head, I highly suggest the AmScope SM-3TZ-54S-5M, which is a professional grade digital trinocular stereo zoom microscope with a 5 megapixel camera.