What is theodolite survey?

What is theodolite survey?

theodolite, basic surveying instrument of unknown origin but going back to the 16th-century English mathematician Leonard Digges; it is used to measure horizontal and vertical angles. In its modern form it consists of a telescope mounted to swivel both horizontally and vertically.

How many types of theodolite are there?

two different kinds
Types of Theodolites There are two different kinds of theodolites: digital and non digital. Non digital theodolites are rarely used anymore. Digital theodolites consist of a telescope that is mounted on a base, as well as an electronic readout screen that is used to display horizontal and vertical angles.

How many bubbles are in theodolite?

At its base is the tribrach which contains three or four screws and a circular bubble. With the help of foot screws, the instrument can be leveled. i.e., the vertical axis can be made truly vertical. The various parts of a transit theodolite are discussed below.

Which is the component of theodolite survey?

Theodolite consists of some main parts, such as: Telescope. Horizontal plate (Circle) Vertical Circle.

What are the parts of a theodolite?

Following are the parts of a theodolite:

  • Telescope.
  • Vertical circle.
  • Index frame.
  • The standards.
  • The upper plate.
  • The lower plate.
  • The leveling head.
  • The shifting head.

What is the main function of theodolite?

Measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planeTheodolite / Purpose

What is theodolite surveying?

THEODOLITE SURVEYINGTHEODOLITE SURVEYING THEODOLITE SURVEYING The system of surveying in which the angles are measured with the help of a theodolite, is called Theodolite surveying. 3 4. THEODOLITE SURVEYINGTHEODOLITE SURVEYING CLASSIFICATION OF THEODOLITES Theodolites may be classified as ; A.BASE ON HORIZONTAL AXIS i) Transit Theodolite.

How do you classify theodolites?

THEODOLITE SURVEYINGTHEODOLITE SURVEYING CLASSIFICATION OF THEODOLITES A. Transit Theodolite: A theodolite is called a transit theodolite when its telescope can be transited i.e revolved through a complete revolution about its horizontal axis in the vertical plane, whereas in a- Non-Transit type, the telescope cannot be transited.

What is the difference between theodolite and magnetic compass?

THEODOLITE: INTRODUCTION 2. INTRODUCTION  Theodolite is used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles.  Theodolite is more precise than magnetic compass.  Magnetic compass measures the angle up to as accuracy of 30’.

How to read magnetic bearing of a line using theodolite survey?

THEODOLITE SURVEYINGTHEODOLITE SURVEYING READING MAGNETIC BEARING OF A LINE To find the bearing of a line AB as shown in fig .below i) Set up the instrument over A and level it accurately ii) Set the vernier to the zero of the horizontal circle. N A B Fig. Magnetic Bearing of a Line iii) Release the magnetic needle and loosen the ….. lower clamp.