What is the Tok essay out of?

What is the Tok essay out of?

Essay length The maximum length of the essay is 1,600 words. Extended notes, extensive footnotes or appendices are not appropriate to a TOK essay and may not be read.

How many marks is the Tok essay out of?

Hi. So the essay mark is doubled (e.g a 7 turns into “14”) and is then added to the presentation mark. This provides a score out of 30 that can be compared to grade boundaries.

How is the Tok grade calculated?

The final TOK grade is outputted to an A-E grade. The A-E grade is determined by a: 10 point “Essay on a prescribed title” worth 67% of the final TOK grade (graded externally) 10 point oral presentation worth 33% of the final TOK grade (graded internally by the subject teacher)

What is a good TOK presentation score?

Generally, about a 22 is an A so to get an A you would need to score an 8 in the presentation and 7 in the essay or an 8 in the essay with a 6 in the presentation or the like to be able to get an A.

Has anyone got 45 in IB?

Of the 150,000 IB students around the world this year, only 146 received the perfect score of 45. The average score was 30.07. Miss Oven said: “I chose the IB Diploma because of the breadth of study and the fact I didn’t want to narrow down my GCSE subjects too much. I would definitely recommend the course.”

How hard is it to get a 40 in IB?

Overall, getting a 40+ is difficult, but the difficulty is really relative. If you love your courses, the effort put in could easily result in a score close to that (38+ certainly) and you’ll probably enjoy some of the process.

Is 44 a good IB score?

44 is an amazing score for an IB student. It is the dream of every student to get anything higher than 40. With that score, you can get into top universities of the world, such as Harvard, Oxbridge, MIT, etc.

How hard is it to get 45 in IB?

Achieving a perfect score in IB is hard but not impossible ! Less than 1% of IB candidates achieve an IB 45 world-wide.

What is a good IB score for Ivy League?

US Universities A score in the 40s is going to make you a more competitive candidate academically (note: a lot of non-academic factors are at play), but a 38 is considered a good grade. If you’re aiming for the Ivies, you certainly don’t want to be dipping below the 36 mark.