What is the symbol on the Nets jersey?

What is the symbol on the Nets jersey?

BROOKLYN – The Brooklyn Nets and Motorola have formed a new partnership that will bring together the two global brands at the start of the 2020-21 NBA regular season with the iconic Motorola “batwing” logo woven into the front left shoulder of all Nets jerseys.

Did the Nets change logos?

The Nets modernized their logo for a new decade, just in time for the arrival of Derrick Coleman, Kenny Anderson, Drazen Petrovic and a new era. The red, white and blue gradient featured an all-caps “NETS” floating above a basketball that shared the hues, hearkening back to the team’s time in the ABA.

What is the logo on Brooklyn Nets?

The primary logo — that far-left, blacked-out shield with “NETS” and a B-emblazoned basketball in the crest, zealously called “the new badge of Brooklyn” by a very optimistic Nets CEO Brett Yormark — was designed by part-owner and hip-hop legend Jay-Z, one of the most famous and successful musicians ever to come out of …

What is the crown symbol on the Nets court?

The main symbol pulled from Basquiat’s paintings is the crown, which has been widely interpreted to represent himself as a king and associate him with people he considered to be kings.

What color is the Nets?

Brooklyn Nets/Colors

Why do Nets jerseys say Bed Stuy?

Featuring “BED-STUY” emblazoned across the chest, the Nets’ 2019-20 Nike City Edition uniform represents the neighborhood’s storied history, its lasting impact in music, art, & culture, and the icon who put it on the map.

What is the M on the Brooklyn Nets jersey?

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Brooklyn Nets have named Motorola as their official smartphone partner and jersey patch sponsor. Starting with the 2020/21 season, Motorola’s batwing logo will replace cloud software company Infor on the front left shoulder of all Nets jerseys.

Why do the Nets have blue jerseys?

The City Edition jerseys have dropped across the league and the Nets are looking to spice things up this time around. The navy blue and red colors of the jerseys are a representation of the team’s New Jersey identity prior to the 2012 move to Brooklyn.

What format is the New Jersey Nets logo in?

The New Jersey Nets logo in vector format (svg) and transparent PNG. Ready to download. Check out other logos starting with “N”!

What is the history of the New Jersey Nets?

1972 brought a new arena, new uniforms, and a new logo, incorporating a version of the previous logo into a background of the red, white and blue basketball synonymous with the ABA. The team retained the previous primary logo as an alternate. With the move to New Jersey, the Nets dropped the “NY” from the logo for this single-season update.

What is the new Brooklyn Nets logo?

The Nets transitioned their shield logo for a new era with the move to Brooklyn. With the new black and white color scheme and a minimalist look on the uniforms, the logo took a similarly direct approach, adding an all-caps “BROOKLYN” beneath the shield.

Why are the New York Nets called the Nets?

After moving to Long Island and adopting the name “New York Nets,” the franchise kept its red, white and blue colors but dropped the flag look on the logo, opting for a script “nets” that would mimic the team’s home jerseys, drawn across a block “NY.”