What is the stall speed on a stock th350 torque converter?

What is the stall speed on a stock th350 torque converter?

Stock GM units have stall speeds in the area of 1400-1600 unless it’s from a GM diesel which is lower still. Simply keep in mind two things high stall converters were designed so that engines could develop more torque while still sitting on the starting line. For trails this really isn’t an issue.

Is a stall converter hard on a transmission?

With stall converters, the cool thing they offer is a ‘cush’ for parts such as the gears, U-joints, and axles. Due to the clutch ‘impact’ of manual transmissions, vehicles are hard on these things. However, stall converters are a gentler approach for these parts due to the ‘slip’ it provides.

How do I know what stall converter I need?

For mild performance cars with something like a 350 HP engine, a 2,200 – 2,400 stall is about right. The basic rule of thumb is; if your engine “comes alive” at say, 3,500 RPM, then you want a stall converter with about 3,500 of stall to it.

How do I know what stall converter I have?

Watch your tach needle, you will see the needle jump to a certain rpm, that is “flash stall”. A drag racing-style trans brake will give you closer to the true stall speed of a torque converter.

Do you need a stall converter with a cam?

Most street performance cars running your typical “performance” cam should be running a stall converter in the 2,800 – 3,000 RPM area. For hotter cars (street / strip) with bigger cams, etc. then a converter in the 3,000 – 3,500 RPM is more suited.

How do high stall converters work?

Faster cars usually use even higher stall speeds, especially in smaller cubic inch engines that don’t make the torque of big displacement engines. Also, the higher the stall speed, the more heat the converter will make, from hydraulic (fluid) friction inside the converter.

Will a 30 spline torque converter work with a TH350?

Yes, this will be a 30 spline torque converter. I’m thinking that this is the right Torque converter but I’m not all the way sure how can I get this answer? Would this torque converter (Part Number: 555-60402) work with a bone stock rebuilt olds 403 and a rebuilt TH350 in a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

How many miles on a 2300 stall torque converter?

great torque converter 2300 stall as advertised, got about 1300 miles in it now. How Would You Rate The Ease Of Installation? Helpful? ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

What is the best torque converter for a gm25?

Hughes Performance GM25 – Street Master Torque Converter 19… 5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for GM25 JW Performance 30442-B – Street Lethal 11″ Torque Converter… TCI 240900 – 10″ Breakaway Torque Converter 1965-91 GM TH35… 5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for 240900 TCI 241500-A – Saturday Night Special Torque Converter 1965…

What are JEGS converters made of?

These converters are manufactured using high-quality materials that include industrial Torrington-type encased needle bearings, customized turbine hubs and impeller fins to maintain strength and durability and high-flow vents and channels for better cooling. JEGS converters are not designed for nitrous, turbo, blower, or big block applications.