What is the simple definition of atmosphere?

What is the simple definition of atmosphere?

An atmosphere is the layers of gases surrounding a planet or other celestial body. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and one percent other gases.

What’s another word for Earth’s atmosphere?

“The atmosphere around the earth is held together by gravitational forces.”…What is another word for atmosphere?

air aerosphere
heavens mesosphere
sky sphere
stratosphere thermosphere
troposphere azure

What is the important terms of atmosphere?

The atmosphere is comprised of layers based on temperature. These layers are the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. A further region at about 500 km above the Earth’s surface is called the exosphere.

What is the atmosphere definition for kids?

The atmosphere. is the layer of gas that surrounds Earth. It is often called air. Other planets, and some of their larger moons, also have atmospheres. The atmosphere consists of several different gases.

What is the Earth’s atmosphere made of?

The air in Earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. Air also has small amounts of lots of other gases, too, such as carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen.

What is the atmosphere made of?

What things are part of the atmosphere?

We live at the bottom of an invisible ocean called the atmosphere, a layer of gases surrounding our planet. Nitrogen and oxygen account for 99 percent of the gases in dry air, with argon, carbon dioxide, helium, neon, and other gases making up minute portions. Water vapor and dust are also part of Earth’s atmosphere.

What is the suffix meaning of atmosphere?

Examples of atmo- Atmosphere is one of the most common words that features the combining form atmo-. Atmosphere technically refers to “the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth,” but it is also used to mean “air” or “environment” more generally.

What is atmosphere answer in one word?

Atmosphere is defined as the area of air and gas enveloping objects in space, like stars and planets, or the air around any location. An example of atmosphere is the ozone and other layers which make up the Earth’s sky as we see it. An example of atmosphere is the air and gases contained inside a greenhouse.

What do you mean by the term atmosphere?

Definition of atmosphere. 1a : the gaseous envelope of a celestial body (such as a planet) b : the whole mass of air surrounding the earth.

How did Earth’s atmosphere form?

The findings rest on the widely held theory that Earth’s atmosphere was formed by gases released from volcanic activity on its surface. Today, as during the earliest days of the Earth, magma flowing from deep in the Earth contains dissolved gases. When that magma nears the surface, those gases are released into the surrounding air.

Where did the word atmo-Sphæra come from?

Note: The word atmo-sphæra was apparently introduced by the English clergyman and natural philosopher John Wilkins (1614-72) in The Discovery of a World in the Moone (London, 1638), p. 138: “Proposition 10. That there is an Atmo-sphæra, or an orbe of grosse vaporous aire, immediately encompassing the body of the Moone.” “Atmosphere.”

What is the definition of Earth?

Definition of earth. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the fragmental material composing part of the surface of the globe especially : cultivable soil.