What is the significance of the date 20th February 1947?

What is the significance of the date 20th February 1947?

February 20, 1947 (Thursday) British Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced that the government would hand over power to one or more independent Indian governments by June 1948.

What was the movement of 1947?

After the 1930s, the movement took on a strong socialist orientation. It culminated in the Indian Independence Act 1947, which ended suzerainty in India and created Pakistan….Indian independence movement.

EIC in India 1612–1757
British Raj 1858–1947
British rule in Burma 1824–1948
Princely states 1721–1949
Partition of India 1947–

What major events happened in 1947?

The United Nations votes in favor of the creation of an Independent Jewish State of Israel. India and Pakistan gain independence from Great Britain. Jackie Robinson took to the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers becoming the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. Bell Laboratories invents the transistor.

Who led the independent movement in India in 1947?

leader Mohandas Gandhi
The long-awaited agreement ended 200 years of British rule and was hailed by Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi as the “noblest act of the British nation.” However, religious strife between Hindus and Muslims, which had delayed Britain’s granting of Indian independence after World War II, soon marred Gandhi’s …

What happened in the UK in 1947?

Events. 1 January – the government nationalises the coal industry in the UK and Cable & Wireless Ltd. 2 January – British coins cease to include any silver content. 8 January – a Cabinet sub-committee approves High Explosive Research, a civil project to develop an independent British atomic bomb.

What was happening in June 1947?

June 11, 1947 (Wednesday) The Siping Campaign began during the Chinese Civil War. Sugar rationing was lifted in the United States with the exception of industrial uses. Princess Elizabeth was given the Freedom of the City of London. The first Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod opened in Wales.

How did India become a country?

U.S. Recognition of Indian Independence, 1947. It was on this date that, in accordance with the British Parliament’s India Independence Act of July 18, 1947, the Union of India and Pakistan were created from the former “British India” that had been a part of the British Empire.

What movement began in 1857 and lasted until 1947?

The Indian Independence Movement
The Indian Independence Movement began in 1857, and lasted until 1947. Before the beginning of the movement, India had never known political freedom. Foreign rulers had occupied the country for its’ entire history.

Who started freedom fight in India?

Mohandas K. Gandhi launched and directed three major campaigns in the Indian Independence Movement: noncooperation in 1919-1922, the civil disobedience movement and the Salt Satyagraha of 1930-1931, and the Quit India movement from about 1940-1942.

When did Indian national movement began?

1857Indian independence movement / Start date
It started on May 10, 1857, at Meerut. It was the first large-scale rebellion against the East India Company. The Revolt was unsuccessful but it made a major impact on the public and stirred the entire Independence Movement in India.

Was there a war in 1947?

The Cold War (1947–1953) is the period within the Cold War from the Truman Doctrine in 1947 to the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953. The Cold War emerged in Europe a few years after the successful US–USSR–UK coalition won World War II in Europe, and extended to 1989–91.

What happened in 1947 in the United States?

30 Apr 1947 Boulder Dam in Colorado, USA, renamed Hoover Dam in honor of Herbert Hoover. 01 May 1947 Radar for commercial and private planes first demonstrated. 02 May 1947 The movie ”Miracle on 34th Street”, a Christmastime classic, is first shown in theaters.

What was the Mountbatten Plan of 1947?

On June 3, 1947, he announced a plan at a press conference famously known as the ‘Mountbatten Plan’ as also the date of independence as August 15, 1947. The plan that included partition of the Muslim-majority provinces of Bengal and Punjab accomplished the actual partition of British India into two separate dominions of India and Pakistan.

What were the effects of the communal riots of 1946?

The ecstasy of coming independence was marred by the large-scale communal riots during and after August 1946. The Hindu and Muslim communalists blamed each other for starting the heinous killings and competed with each other in cruelty.

What led to the partition of India and Pakistan?

The British Parliament on July 18, 1947 passed the Indian Independence Act 1947. The Act led to the partition of British India into the two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan and discarded the suzerainty of the British over the princely states.