What is the science behind marble runs?

What is the science behind marble runs?

Gravity pulls the marble down the first hill. At the top of the hill, the marble has potential energy (energy that’s stored up and ready to be released). As the marble rolls down the hills the potential energy turns into kinetic energy (energy of motion).

What can you learn from a marble run?

Building Spatial Awareness As they play with marble runs, however, kids will learn more about spatial awareness and develop those key fine motor skills that will help them take advantage of it. Even better, they won’t realise that they’re learning, because it will simply feel like play.

What kind of energy is in a marble run?

The marble run involves two forms of energy – gravitational energy and kinetic energy.

What forces are acting on a marble rolling down a ramp?

The force of gravity points straight down, but a ball rolling down a ramp doesn’t go straight down, it follows the ramp. Therefore, only the component of the gravitational force which points along the direction of the ball’s motion can accelerate the ball.

How do you make a marble run roller coaster?


  1. Curl one end of a piece of pipe insulation into a loop, roughly 1 foot in diameter.
  2. Use masking tape to hold the loop in place and tape it to the floor on both sides of the loop.
  3. Tape the free end of the pipe insulation to a table or chair, forming a large hill leading down to the loop.

What factor affected the movement of the marble?

The marble will accelerate or back off contingent upon the attributes of the area it is on. Pipes and tubes that are about level, that is, with gentle slope, and ones with higher friction will slow down the marbles. Steep sections with low friction will speed up the marble.

What was the force that was acting on the marble?

A “push” centripetal force acted on the marble: this force, supplied by the bottom of the cup, kept the marble going in a circular path and not flying away in a straight line.

How do you make a marble maze project?

DIY Marble Maze Instructions

  1. Make some “snakes” Take a small chunk of playdough and roll it into a “snake” shape.
  2. Start designing your maze. Place one snake into a corner area of the box lid.
  3. Keep adding elements. Continue adding sections of playdough to make a complete maze.
  4. Make adjustments.
  5. Play!

How do marbles move?

Give the marble a push, and notice that it rolls around the edge of the plate. Your push caused the marble to move. Inertia, which is described in Newton’s First Law of Motion, tells us that unless there are other forces involved, an object in motion will continue in the same direction and at the same speed.

Why are marble runs good for kids?

With a marble run, children have to think about what they are creating, and use focus, imagination and problem-solving skills all while having fun. A marble can teach kids a lot about momentum and gravity, just by doing what a marble does.

What age is marble run good for?

Additional Specs

Number of pieces 70
Recommended ages 3 years and up
Material BPA and lead-free materials
Marbles included Yes

What is a marble run?

A marble run is simply a ramp that a marble can roll down without falling off before it gets to its destination. However, with some creativity, students can explore this simple machine and the concepts of potential and kinetic energy by adding additional challenges, such as drops and spirals.

How do you make a homemade marble run?

Procedure for Homemade Marble Run. 1. Cut the foam tubes in half. 2. Tape the two halves together so you have a 12 foot long piece of tubing. 3. Now the fun part~ experiment with the track! Start by finding an area in your house or outside where you have quite a bit of room to stretch the tube out.

Why are we obsessed with marble runs?

After being inspired by a family STEM challenge evening at school, we’re a bit obsessed with marble runs! I love that you can make them from recycled materials so there’s no cost, they are great to build alone or as part of team and there are almost endless possibilities.

What is the best marble run for kids?

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has an awesome craft stick marble run. If you’d rather a shop bought marble run, we love our Quadrilla Marble Run. Cut tubes in half so you have twice as many. Use yoghurt pots, small boxes or a paper cup to catch the marble in at the end.