What is the programming software of Mitsubishi MELSEC PLC?

What is the programming software of Mitsubishi MELSEC PLC?

GX Developer supports all MELSEC controllers from the compact PLCs of the MELSEC FX series to the modular PLCs including MELSEC System Q. This software shines with a simple, intuitive interface and a short learning curve.

How do I upload and download on Mitsubishi plc?


  1. Connect the PLC to your PC. MELSEC F-Series PLCs use an SC-09 RS232 to RS422 adapter cable, which can be purchased from many places, including on Amazon.
  2. Create your PLC-Specific Project File.
  3. Configure your PLC Connection.
  4. Test Your Connection.
  5. Upload The PLC Project.
  6. Navigate your project!

How much does GX cost?


Qty Unit price
1 $504.31

How do you write a Mitsubishi PLC program?

How to back up Mitsubishi PLC

  1. Interface Mitsubishi PLC with PC by interface cable. ( RS232, USB, Etc )
  2. Open GX Developer Software.
  3. Select Main + PLC parameter -> Execute -> Yes.
  4. Waiting for read PLC Programs data -> OK.
  5. Open Project -> Save as -> Create name for your PLC Programs back up -> Save.

How do I connect my Mitsubishi PLC to my laptop?

How to start PLC programming?

The programming of contacts as normally open or normally closed depends on how they are required to operate in the logic program.

  • Master control relays turn ON and OFF power to certain logic rungs.
  • PLCs do not allow bidirectional power flow,so all PLC rungs must be programmed to operate only in a forward path.
  • Why do you pay for PLC programming software?

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    What are the three main programming languages in plc?


  • Boolean
  • Grafcet
  • What exactly is PLC programming training?

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