What is the principle of magnetic contactor?

What is the principle of magnetic contactor?

Operating Principle of a Contactor:The current passing through the contactor excites the electromagnet. The excited electromagnet produces a magnetic field, causing the contactor core to move the armature. A normally closed (NC) contact completes the circuit between the fixed contacts and the moving contacts.

What are the components of magnetic contactor?

A contactor consists of three basic parts: the operating coil, the associated magnetic circuit and the contacts that are actuated by the coil.

What is contactor diagram?

A contactor is one of the main electrical circuit parts, which can stand on its own power control device or a part of a starter….FAQs.

Relay Contactor
A relay is used for low voltage switching purpose It is used for high voltage switching purpose

What is the function of electromagnetic contactor?

A contactor is an electrically-controlled switch used for switching an electrical power circuit. A contactor is typically controlled by a circuit which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit, such as a 24-volt coil electromagnet controlling a 230-volt motor switch.

What is A1 and A2 on a contactor?

A1 and A2 on a contactor typically refer to either end of the electromagnetic coil assembly. Most contactor manufacturers use A1 and A2 to designate the two terminals connecting electrical power to the contactor’s magnetic coil.

What is the advantage of contactor?

Advantages of contactors include: Protection. Simple Operation. High-load capacity.

How many types of magnetic contactors are there?

There are two types of power contact; stationary contact and movable contact. The material used for the contacts has stable arc resistance and high welding resistance.

What is the purpose of a contactor or relay?

A contactor is a large relay, usually used to switch current to an electric motor or another high-power load. Large electric motors can be protected from overcurrent damage through the use of overload heaters and overload contacts.

How does a magnetic contactor work?

The magnetic contactor works on the principle of the closing of the main contacts as a result of the coil energization and the opening of the main contacts as a result of the coil de-energization. The control circuit consists of electromagnetism working with a spring system.

What is the contact part of a contactor?

The contact part of the contactor includes the power contacts as well as the auxiliary contacts. The power contacts gains the power for the contactor and the auxiliary contacts is used to bring a loop with the rest of the rest of the devices it is attached to.

What happens when current is passed through a contactor?

When current is passed through the contactor, the electromagnet starts to build up, producing a magnetic field. Thus the core of the contactor starts to wind up. This process helps in energizing the moving contact. Thus the moving and fixed contacts make a short circuit.

How to save power in contactor when closed?

In order to save power in a contactor when it is closed, an economizer circuit is also introduced. This circuit helps in reducing the coil current. There is difference in the amount of power that is required to close the contactor and that from keeping it closed.