What is the Paris court of First Instance?

What is the Paris court of First Instance?

The Cour de cassation (Court of cassation) has jurisdiction to hear cases in civil, commercial, social or criminal matters, which are first judged by the so-called courts of first instance (judicial tribunal, commercial courts, employment tribunals…).

What is the tribunal de la seine?

The Tribunal de commerce de Paris (“Paris commercial court[house]”), until 1968 Tribunal de commerce de la Seine, refers both to the tribunal de commerce of Paris, a commercial court, and to the building that hosts it on the Île de la Cité in Paris.

What is the tribunal de Paris?

The Tribunal judiciaire de Paris (abbreviated TJ; in English: Judicial Court of Paris), located at the Judicial Campus of Paris in Batignolles, is the largest court in France by caseload.

Who has the highest rank in the court in France?

The current Chief Justice is Bertrand Louvel. The Court also includes 12 masters (auditeurs), the lowest rank of justice, who are primarily concerned with administration.

What is Cassation Court?

Court of Cassation is the higher judicial body with power to try cases contested by the Court of Appeals. It supervises the interpretation of laws and its proper enforcement. At this court, litigants may appeal only on points of law alone, such as violation of law or on erroneous application or interpretation.

What is France Tribunal?

In France, the Tribunal d’instance (literally “Court of First Instance”) is a judicial lower court of record of first instance for general civil suits and includes a criminal division, the Police Court (tribunal de police), which hears cases of misdemeanors or summary offences (contraventions).

What does cassation appeal mean?

A court of cassation is a high-instance court that exists in some judicial systems. Courts of cassation do not re-examine the facts of a case, they only interpret the relevant law. In this they are appellate courts of the highest instance.