What is the name of Yoruba traditional dance?

What is the name of Yoruba traditional dance?

Yoruba Bata Drums: Elewe Music and Dance includes 13 tracks of traditional music from the Yoruba tribe, located in modern-day Nigeria. The rhythms and sounds of the bata drums dictate the dancers’ movements, and different Bata drums correspond to different areas of the body.

What is Bata dance in Yoruba?

Bata Dance style is a traditional dance peculiar to the Yoruba people of the South-western part of the Nigeria. Historically, the dance is believed to be attributed to ”Sango” – Yoruba god of Thunder and Lightning. The Bata dance is an expressive art not just imbued with rhythm and movements but avowed spirituality.

What is the purpose of the Yoruba dance?

The combination of music and dance in Yoruba culture gives life to the people. From the moment of birth, the young individual is exposed to strong musical stimuli. Cradle songs are sung to babies when they are on their mothers’ backs; these are accompanied by simple dance steps, giving meaning to the rhythm.

What are some traditional dances in Nigeria?

Top 5 traditional dances from eastern Nigeria

  • Ikpirikpi-ogu (War dance)
  • Atilogwu (Acrobatic Dance)
  • Omuru-onwa and Agbacha-ekuru-nwa.
  • Mmanwu (masquerades)

Where is Bata dance from?

The Bata dance is a prominent traditional dance among the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. It is a very entertaining performance done by professionals usually accompanied by music, songs, and chants.

What is Egungun dance?

Description. Masquerades for the ancestors are known as ‘egungun’ (power concealed). The body of dancer is completely covered by layer upon layer of cloth. On occasion one can tell the age of a masquerade by examination of the clothes used, since it is not unusual for new cloths to be added each year.

What is Agidigbo dance?

* The ‘Agidigbo’ is a weird western-Nigeria ancient drum that you must dance to with all energy like a mad man; the tunes are in proverbs and can only be interpreted by the wise.

Which tribe dance is best in Nigeria?

Top 10 Popular Traditional Dance In Nigeria

  • Atilogwu Dance:
  • Atilogwu Dance is a traditionally spirited youth dance from the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria.
  • Sharo Dance:
  • Sharo Dance is a popular traditional dance from the northern part of Nigeria mainly among the Fulani and Hausa people.
  • Koroso dance:

Who is the best dance in Nigerian?

Top 10 Best Dancers in Nigeria

  • Poco Lee. If Dancing was a beauty Queen, Poco Lee’s leg work would be Mrs Universe.
  • Pinkie Debbie.
  • Rahman Jago.
  • Kaffy.
  • Lil Smart.
  • Zlatan.
  • Naira Marley.
  • Blessedson Tunmise.