What is the most powerful unit in StarCraft 2?

What is the most powerful unit in StarCraft 2?

Starcraft 2 Best Units [Top 15]

  1. Baneling. And finally, the Baneling.
  2. Siege Tank. The Siege Tank is Starcraft’s classic, iconic unit.
  3. Adept. The Adept is the only entry on this list that was added in Legacy of the Void.
  4. Mutalisk. I won’t lie to you — the Mutalisk is my favorite unit.
  5. Medivac.
  6. Infestor.
  7. High Templar.
  8. Thor.

How do you counter Thors?

Show activity on this post. Being Zerg, apparently the official counter against Thors and Hellions with blue flame is Zerglings, Roachs, or Infestors….This requires you to:

  1. take the focus with Roachs with a concave formation if possible.
  2. send the Zerglings.
  3. good fungals.
  4. ultimately mind control the Thors.

What are some of the best Starcraft II unit quotations?

This is a list of StarCraft II unit quotations. As is traditional in Blizzard Entertainment games, units and individuals will often utter gag quotes if clicked on enough times, at times making reference to external sources. These have been linked into the dialogue. “PREPARE for DEATH.” ” A TEMPORARY setback .”

What are some of your favorite Thor quotes?

Thor is here. Ja! Come and fight me! (Mad laugh) Hit me! I hear you! I am here, click me! Hear the thunder! I’m heavy metal!

What is a Thor in Star Wars?

Named after the Norse god of thunder, the thor is a class of siege-walker. Those in service during the Second Great War were more maneuverable than the Odin incarnation. Pilots of thors were referred to as “controllers.” “This siege-walker may not be unstoppable, but it is undoubtedly close.”

What are some of Blizzard’s most famous StarCraft II quotes?

(These quotes are all from clicking on the flashing sound icon at Blizzard’s Terra-tron webpage on the StarCraft II website.) “Hell, it’s morphing time!”. “We are more than meets the eye.”. “Terra-Tron! “Merged for rampage!”. “Destruction: incalculable!”. “Disassemble, no disassemble!”. “All your base are belong to us!”.