What is the most popular Northern Soul record?

What is the most popular Northern Soul record?

Northern soul – 10 of the best

  1. Dobie Gray – Out on the Floor.
  2. Yvonne Baker – You Didn’t Say a Word.
  3. The Tomangoes – I Really Love You.
  4. The Fascinations – Girls Are Out to Get You.
  5. Mike Post Coalition – Afternoon of the Rhino.
  6. Terry Callier – Ordinary Joe.
  7. Tobi Legend – Time Will Pass You By.
  8. Wayne Gibson – Under My Thumb.

Is Northern Soul still popular?

Today it is celebrated through a resurgence of popularity, with events such as the Deptford Northern Soul Club who aim to bring the subculture’s music back into the conversation of modern dance music. The event became so popular that it emerged as a monthly recurring event hosting at Manchester venue YES.

What is considered Northern Soul?

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the English Midlands in the late 1960s from the British mod scene, based on a particular style of Black American soul music, especially from the mid-1960s, with a heavy beat and fast tempo (100 bpm and above) or American soul music from …

Why was Wigan closed?

On December 6th 1981 the Wigan Casino was closed for good. Here we look back at some of the nights, performances and people on the dance floor at the home of Northern Soul. A few months after closing, in a freak accident, the Casino caught fire and was razed to the ground.

Why do Northern soul dancers use talc?

Simply called Northern Soul, it recreates the atmosphere of soul clubs where rare records were spun, and dancers scattered talc to make moves easier.

What are the top 500 Northern soul songs of all time?

Northern Soul Top 500. List is in order of popularity, by artist-song-original label-price. Northern Soul Top 500. 1. Wilson, Frank – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) (Soul) (£15,000) 2. Gray, Dobie – Out on the Floor (Charger) 3. Baker, Yvonne – You Didn’t Say a Word (Parkway) (£300 – official issue) 4. Wilson, Al – The Snake (Soul City) 5.

What is Northern Soul?

Northern Soul is perhaps the most enigmatic genre of the 1960s. Despite featuring a wealth of great dance music, the massive success of Motown Records cast many smaller and lesser-known labels completely in the shadow.

What are some of the Best Original Soul Songs?

Originals – Suspicion/ 240. Fantastic Johnny C – Don’t Depend on Me (Phil-LA-of-Soul) 241. Flirtations – Stronger Than Her Love (Festival) 242. Natural Four – I Thought You Were Mine (ABC)

What are some of the top 500 Songs of all time?

Top 500 500 Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) – Frank Wilson Out On The Floor – Dobie Gray You Didn’t Say A Word – Yvonne Baker The Snake – Al Wilson [41] Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Radcliffe Seven Day Lover – James Fountain You Don’t Love Me – Epitome of Sound Looking For You – Garnet Mimms