What is the most common old name?

What is the most common old name?

Top Names Over the Last 100 Years

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 James Mary
2 Robert Patricia
3 John Jennifer

What are the most common old man names?

Along with Henry and Samuel, other Old Man Names in the US Top 500 include Arthur, Cyrus, Theodore, Otto, Silas, Harvey, Victor, and Frederick. Old man names more common in the UK than in the US include Albert, Ralph, Stanley, and Wilfred.

What is the best old person name?

Along with Barbara and Roland, other old people names that rank in the US Top 1000 include Alfred, Eileen, Harold, Joyce, Maurice, and Patricia. Old people names starting to come back into style in the 2020s include Betty, Basil, Clarence, Loretta, Ned, Percy, Thora, and Winifred.

What are some old people names?

Origin: English

  • Meaning: “desires peace”
  • Description: Wilfred is one of those Old Man Names that still sounds fusty in the US but is fashionable in the UK.
  • What are some good names for old men?


  • Bernard
  • Robert
  • Owen
  • James
  • Henry
  • Leo
  • Sebastian
  • Jasper
  • Jeremiah
  • What are some of the oldest names?

    Origin: Feminine variation of German OTTO,

  • Meaning: “prosperous in battle”
  • Description: Ottilie and its diminutive Ottiline are a pair of names heard among the British upper crust,but have rarely been seen here since the 1880’s.
  • What are some older names?

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