What is the max horde size in Overlord 2?

What is the max horde size in Overlord 2?

The maximum minion horde size ends up to be 50 using The Infernal Commander helmet. Locations: Nordberg — West of the Tower gate, Beyond bridge with two gnome hives, above the dig site.

How do you control the everlight town?

You need only one blow of an axe to open the door of the hut. Then the occupants run out of the hut. Kill them and command your Minions to get inside, ransack the house and destroy it.

Where is the Arcanium smelter overlord?

the dwarven mines
-The Arcanium smelter is found in the dwarven mines used by dwarves and heavily guarded by slugs, flamethrower dwarves and regular dwarves.

Is there a guide of the game Overlord II?

Here’s a guide of the game Overlord II. You will find there some general information about walkthrough, weaponry, armor, Tower of Netherworld and different ways of passing the game. The guide doesn’t lack for descriptions of passing main and side quests or handy tips, which will simplify finding the hidden artifacts.

What happened to Borius in the Overlord?

The Overlord later blows the gates of the town down and finds Borius, who runs away to the town hall. He is seen arguing with his brother in front of the town hall of Nordberg and it is here that he is squashed by his own statue thanks to the Overlord and his Minions, who push it onto the pompous governor.

What is the best way to earn achievements in Overlord 2?

It is best to play Overlord II making either all Destruction choices or all Domination choices if you are interested in earning achievements/trophies, as several are unlocked by being consistent. – Kill (Destruction) or subdue Borius using the Target spell (Domination) at the end of the “Conquer Nordberg Town” quest.

How do I get to Borius in Shadowlands?

Locate Borius near the west area. The game will mark the spot for you if you track the quest on your log book. Once Borius slips your grasp, destroy his temple to open the way to the north half of the town. Go through the town square and when you face the second ballista, place a single minion on a guard banner.