What is the main difference between a DetailsView and a FormView control?

What is the main difference between a DetailsView and a FormView control?

Formview is intended for insert/update/view of a single record. DetailsView is intended for the displaying of a single record with optional support for paging and navigation.

What is the difference between GridView and ListView?

The main difference between ListView and GridView is how it lays out its child. With ListView you are laying your children one by one either vertically or horizontally only. With GridView, its a combination of both. It lays its children horizontally first.

Which feature of FormView supports backward forward?

Both the controls, DetailsView and FormView controls support page forward and backward traversing. Note: The page forward and backward traversing allows us to move through the records one at a time both in the forward and backward direction. Yes: It means that it’s provided by the control.

What is ASP Net FormView?

The FormView control is used to display a single record at a time from a data source. When you use the FormView control, you create templates to display and edit data-bound values. The templates contain controls, binding expressions, and formatting that define the look and functionality of the form.

What is the difference between data grid and data Repeater?

DataGrid, GridView and DataList controls are derived from the WebControl class, while the Repeater control is derived from the Control class. The WebControl class contains a number of properties, such as BackColor, ForeColor, CssClass, BorderStyle and so on.

What are the advantages of ListView?


  • integrated animations for adding, updating and removing items.
  • enforces the recycling of views by using the ViewHolder pattern.
  • supports both grids and lists.
  • supports vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • can be used together with DiffUtil.

What is FormView control?

What is a FormView?

Form-view definition A screen display showing one item or record arranged like a preprinted form. Contrast with table view.

What is the difference between formview and detailsview?

The FormView control is designed to display a single data item (single database record) from a data source, for example Sql server database. Unlike the DetailsView control, templates have to be used in the FormView control to display data. The FormView control renders all fields of a single record in a single table row.

What is the formview control?

Unlike the DetailsView, the FormView is not composed of fields. Instead, the FormView is rendered using templates. In this tutorial we’ll examine using the FormView control to present a less rigid display of data. In the last two tutorials we saw how to customize the GridView and DetailsView controls’ outputs using TemplateFields.

What is the difference between detailview and GridView?

You select the record from master control (as example GridView) and selected record is displayed in DetailView control. In general GridView control displays more than one record, but the DetailsView control displays single record from database table.

What is the detailsview control used for?

The DetailsView control is typically used for updating and inserting new records often in a master/detail scenario. In such a scenario, the selected record of the master control (GridView or ListBox control) determines the record to be displayed in the DetailsView control.