What is the longest song by Nirvana?

What is the longest song by Nirvana?

Nirvana Longest Songs Quiz Stats

Length Song % Correct
5:01 Smells Like Teen Spirit 89%
6:25 Endless, Nameless 83%
4:41 Heart-Shaped Box 74%
4:17 Lithium 71.4%

Was Kurt Cobain considered a good guitarist?

Cobain was not a bad guitarist — he made music that was perfect for Nirvana. With his unique anti-hero persona, Cobain became one of the most influential guitarists and songwriters of all time.

Does Frances Bean Cobain like Nirvana?

A perfect example -and very famous- of this “divergence” from the parental model is Frances Bean Cobain, who had said some time ago, in an interview for Rolling Stone, that “she doesn’t really like Nirvana.”

Who was Kurt Cobain’s favorite guitarist?

John Lennon (The Beatles) Cobain’s knack for catchy melodies undoubtedly comes from listening to The Beatles, and in terms of the band, John Lennon was his favourite.

What is the best song from Nirvana ever?

Best Nirvana Songs: 20 Essential Tracks That Blaze With Teen Spirit 1: Smells Like Teen Spirit 2: Lithium Due to its shifting tempos, “Lithium” was reputedly the song that was hardest to nail during the Nevermind… 3: Heart-Shaped Box Arguably In Utero ’s pinnacle, its lead single, “Heart-Shaped

Should you tune a guitar half step down?

Tuning a guitar half step down release the tension of the strings little bit. It may get little easier to play some riffs, or sing in that tuning. There are some songs you can’t play along with the track unless you don’t tune down your guitar half step. That’s primarily the case for songs that use open chords.

Did Nirvana cover ‘where Did you sleep Last Night?

Five years later, Nirvana concluded their widely-lauded MTV Unplugged appearance with a transcendent cover of the traditional song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?,” diligently following Leadbelly’s arrangement.

When did Nirvana start using dumb as a song?

As with “Pennyroyal Tea,” “Dumb” can be traced back to 1990, when Nirvana sporadically began to feature it in their live set.