What is the independent variable in the photosynthesis Virtual lab?

What is the independent variable in the photosynthesis Virtual lab?

The variables we controlled in this experiment were the pot, type of soil, location, and amount of water given. The variable that we changed in this experiment (independent variable) was the different colors shining on the plant as it grew. That is also how we compared our growth results.

What was the dependent variable for the light color part of the lab?

The dependent variable was the number of bubbles per minute. The independent variable from this experiment was the color of light.

How does the distance of light affect photosynthesis?

The further the light moves from the plant, the fewer oxygen bubbles are produced by photosynthesis. The intensity of light at different distances from a light source can be described by the inverse square law.

How does sunlight affect the number of bubbles produced?

As the light levels are increased there is an increase in oxygen (bubble) production from photosynthesis of the plant. This increase slows down progressively at higher light levels.

How does color affect oxygen production?

The color of light affects the rate of photosynthesis when the production of oxygen increases at 450 nm (blue), drops, then rises again at 660 nm (orange). … When we look at a leaf we usually see the color green. This green represents the green light, which has a low flow of oxygen.

How does the color of light affect photosynthesis lab?

Hypothesis: The lights higher on the light spectrum, like blue, would have the fastest rate of photosynthesis because the energy is the highest. The green light would have the slowest rate because the chlorophyll inside of the leaves reflects green light, so it would not be absorbed as much as the other colors.

How does light affect photosynthesis lab?

As light intensity increases (distance between lamp and plant decreases) the volume of oxygen (or the rate of bubble production) increases. This indicates that the rate of photosynthesis increases with light intensity. However, at sufficiently high levels of light intensity, the rate oxygen evolution remains constant.

Why does green light decrease photosynthesis?

The main reason why green light is purportedly not useful to plants is because it is poorly absorbed by chlorophyll. However, absorption of chlorophyll is usually measured using extracted and purified chlorophyll, in a test tube (in vitro), and not using an intact leaf (in vivo).

Why does green light affect photosynthesis?

Because green light can penetrate further into the leaf than red or blue light, in strong white light, any additional green light absorbed by the lower chloroplasts would increase leaf photosynthesis to a greater extent than would additional red or blue light.

Why is Elodea used in photosynthesis experiment?

Practicals. Photosynthesis – Resources: Demonstrating oxygen formation during photosynthesis can be a tricky process.

  • Teaching Topics. A native aquatic plant of temperate areas of North America.
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    Photosynthesis is a process which synthesizes carbohydrates ( glucose) from water and carbon dioxide, utilizing the energy from sunlight by green plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. As a result of photosynthesis, gaseous oxygen is released to the environment. It is an extremely important process for the existence of life on earth.

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