What is the DokuWiki manual?

What is the DokuWiki manual?

DokuWiki Manual. The manual is intended to be the extended resource for all standard questions on using DokuWiki. It includes information useful for “standard” users up to administrators who want to configure and run their own wiki installation. Pages should start with a general description of a feature and how to use it,…

What does Theophanu stand for?

more… Theophanu ( German pronunciation: [te.o.fa.ˈnuː]; also Theophania, Theophana, or Theophano; Medieval Greek Θεοφανώ; c. AD 955 – 15 June 991) was empress of the Holy Roman Empire by marriage to Emperor Otto II, and regent of Empire during the minority of their son, Emperor Otto III, from 983 until her death in 991.

How do I change DokuWiki settings?

Configuring DokuWiki Many of DokuWiki’s features can be configured through various config options. The easiest way to modify these options is using the Configuration Manager which allows wiki administrators to easily alter the wiki configuration settings online from the comfort of their favorite web browser.

Who is Theophanu Tzimiskes?

According to the marriage certificate issued on 14 April 972 Theophanu is identified as the neptis (niece or granddaughter) of Emperor John I Tzimiskes (925–976, reigned 969–976) who was of Armenian and Byzantine Greek descent.

How do I upgrade DokuWiki?

The easiest way to upgrade DokuWiki. Downloads and installs the newest stable release with just a few clicks in the admin backend. Versatile plugin that adds additional syntax for creating various colored boxes, columns or even your own styles.

How can I save space on my DokuWiki?

You can save space by removing the ones you won’t need here. DokuWiki can be extended by hundreds of available plugins . You don’t need any to get started, but here is a small choice of popular plugins that you might want to include in your download.

Can I run DokuWiki from an USB stick?

This is useful for quickly trying DokuWiki or for running it from an USB stick. This is recommended for personal, single-user use only. DokuWiki is available in a whole bunch of languages.

Where are DokuWiki configs stored?

Their default values are stored in a file called conf/dokuwiki.php. If you want to modify a setting you should do this in a file called conf/local.php – this makes sure your special configs are not overwritten by a later upgrade.

How do I upload images to DokuWiki?

Upload the files manually via FTP to the data/media directory. Keep in mind that image names need to be valid pagenames, all lowercase, no spaces or special chars! Images previously rotated 90˚ and saved in that orientation no longer appear that way when used in dokuwiki.