What is the dance of MassKara Festival?

What is the dance of MassKara Festival?

The festival features a street dance competition where people from all walks of life troop to the streets to see masked dancers gyrating to the rhythm of Latin musical beats in a display of mastery, gaiety, coordination and stamina.

What is the basic steps of Ati Atihan festival?

The Ati-Atihan movement is easy to dance. It’s only single-forward, step-tap sequence & nothing more. And they’ve been doing this mincing step for hundreds of years. “Sadsad” means dance in Aklanon.

What is the basic steps of Sinulog?

The Sinulog dance moves are basically two steps forward and one step backward as the dancer sways to a distinct rhythm of drums. This movement resembles the current (Sulog) of what was known as Cebu’s Pahina River.

How do you celebrate MassKara Festival?

Here are some of the most fun things to do during the festival.

  1. MassKara Festival Street Dance and Arena Competition.
  2. Electric MassKara (Bacolod’s biggest street party)
  3. MassKara Queen Pageant.
  4. Food Fair.
  5. Float Parade.

Why do we celebrate MassKara Festival?

Borne from a tragic disaster in the 1980s, the Masskara Festival was started by the people of Bacolod City to uplift the spirits of the locals. It is a declaration of the people that they will rise and survive the challenges and tragedies that they are facing, showing their resilience and tenacity.

What is Ati-Atihan dance?

Ati atihan Festival is a festival dance that originated in Cebu and usually celebrated by the month of January.

What is the characteristics of masskara festival?

The main feature of the Masskara Festival is the street dancing festivity in which groups of dancers wearing happy masks and colorful costumes dance and gyrate along the city streets to Latin music beat. The term “Masskara was thought of by Ely Santiago, an artist.

What is Sinulog festival dance?

Basically, the festival is done by a dance ritual, in which it tells the story of the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity. The word “Sinulog” means “graceful dance”, wherein it all started in 1980 with a simple dance that represents the “sulog” (or current) of a river in Cebu.

What is the MassKara Festival all about?

From folk songs, the festival now uses a combination of Latin beat remixes as well as Philippine Jazz to grace the street dances. The most exciting part of the yearly MassKara Festival is the Dance Competition.

What to do during MassKara Festival in Bacolod?

Visitors can also wear them while touring the Bacolod tourist spots. The center of the MassKara festival is the big vibrant masks. A lot of barangays and groups are working hard to give world-class performances complete with crafted masks and eye-catching outfits.

What are the different dance steps in Filipino folk dance?

FESTIVAL DANCE STEPS 1. Sinulog basic dance step kinampilan  one step RF forward and one step backward natural  Two steps forward and one step backward 2. Masskara dance step  side step / hop step  head up and down / sideward / forward /upward 27. VIDEOS 28. FESTIVAL DANCES ARE A REFLECTION OF THE UNITY OF THE FILIPINO COMMUNITY

What to do at masskaraland?

Masskaraland is open for everyone who wants to join the fun. Partygoers can dance from sunrise until sunset, as they turn the street of Lacson into a gigantic party venue. A countdown also starts in the afternoon, where powders of different colors are thrown up to douse all the partygoers.