What is the cut off mark for Nigeria Police Academy?

What is the cut off mark for Nigeria Police Academy?

Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) JAMB Cut Off Mark 2022/2023 NPA Jamb’s cut-off mark for the 2022/2023 academic session is 180, so for a student to register for the Nigeria Police Academy Application form he or she must score nothing less than 180 in the concluded JAMB examination.

How many police academy are in Nigeria?

29 Police Training Institutions in Nigeria and Their Locations.

Do Nigeria Police Academy cadets get paid?

Cadets are paid $16.31 per hour on a part-time basis and they are eligible for up to $20,000 in tuition assistance. This bonus does not have to be paid back if you work in the NYPD for at least two years after graduation.

Do they pay school fees in police academy?

Please be informed that you will not pay any school fees. You only need to buy the Nigeria Police Academy Admission form which cost N3,000 only and applied after meeting the required JAMB cut off mark of 180.

How much is Nigeria Police Academy school fees?

How can I join Nigeria police academy?

Nigerian Police Academy Admission Requirements Must be between 17 and 22 years of age. Must have a height of not less than 1.67 Metres (5 Feet 6 Inches) if male, and 1.62 Metres (5 Feet 4 Inches) if female. In addition, male candidates must have an expanded chest size of not less than 86 cm (34 Inches).

How to get admission in Nigeria Police Academy?

There are some things you must understand as an applicant who knows less about the Nigeria Police Academy, to successfully gain admission into the Nigeria Police Academy, you must comply with these terms and conditions we are about to list below, good luck. All applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 22.

How long does it take to become a police officer in Nigeria?

In this form of education, students are expected to attend classes and police-related trainings for at least five years to stand a chance of being awarded the certificate (bachelor’s degree) needed to progress to the next chapter of their life — either to pursue their academic goals or join the Nigeria Police as an Assistant Superintendent.

Where to apply for Nigeria Police academic application 2022/2023?

Nigeria Police Academic Application 2022/2023 polac.edu.ng/ Is it your dream of becoming one of the highly respected and regarded Police officers in the country? If yes, then, here is an article that will help you achieve your lifetime goal.

Is joining the Nigerian police force a lifetime goal?

If yes, then, here is an article that will help you achieve your lifetime goal. Joining the Nigerian Police Force can be done in two ways, which includes joining the police academy as a teenager or taking their recruitment form.