What is the CPT code for case management?

What is the CPT code for case management?

99366- 99368
The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Case Management Services 99366-99368 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

What does unbundling mean in CPT?

Unbundling refers to using multiple CPT codes for the individual parts of the procedure, either due to misunderstanding or in an effort to increase payment. Upcoding. Example: You are a physician in a specialty, such as oncology, that often has highly complex patients.

How do you bill a telephone visit?

The following codes may be used by physicians or other qualified health professionals who may report E/M services:

  1. 99441: telephone E/M service; 5-10 minutes of medical discussion.
  2. 99442: telephone E/M service; 11-20 minutes of medical discussion.
  3. 99443: telephone E/M service, 21-30 minutes of medical discussion.

What is bioimpedance spectroscopy?

Bioimpedance spectroscopy is a direct measurement of extracellular fluid volume. The device is used to detect extracellular fluid in an individual’s limb and is being studied as a tool to detect early signs of subclinical lymphedema.

What does CPT code 90846 mean?

family psychotherapy services without
90846. 90846 identifies family psychotherapy services without the patient present. This code may be used on the same day as an individual psychotherapy service is provided when the services are separate and distinct for the patient. The session is for 50 minutes and the time range is 26 minutes or more.

What is CPT code G0506?

G0506, “Comprehensive assessment of and care planning by the physician or other qualified health care professional for patients requiring chronic care management services, including assessment during the provision of a face-to-face service.”

What’s the definition of unbundling?

What Is Unbundling? Unbundling is a process by which a company with several different lines of businesses retains core businesses while selling off, spinning off, or carving out assets, product lines, divisions, or subsidiaries.

What does unbundled mean in insurance?

Unbundling — this term refers to the practice of separating risk handling and risk funding services either from a multiline insurer or from themselves. Captives that require a “front” may also be required to purchase all of some of the services from the same insurer. This is a “bundled” program.