What is the climax in Antigone?

What is the climax in Antigone?

The climax of Antigone is when Creon, too late to avert tragedy, decides to pardon Antigone for defying his orders and burying her brother. falling actionIn Oedipus the King, the consequences of Oedipus’s learning of his identity as the man who killed his father and slept with his mother are the falling action.

Who is the protagonist in Antigone?

Creon is the protagonist in Antigone, because his motivation throughout Antigone is the stability and wellbeing of Thebes.

What are the themes of Antigone?

Antigone Themes

  • Fate and Free Will. A central theme of Antigone is the tension between individual action and fate.
  • Rules and Order. Antigone contrasts two types of law and justice: divine or religious law on one hand, and the law of men and states on the other.
  • Determination.
  • Power.
  • Women and Femininity.
  • Mortality.

What is the moral of the story of Antigone?

In Antigone, the moral of the story is that of fate. This moral is incorporated through the actions of both Creon and Antigone. The moral also corresponds with a recurring theme of the abuse of power, something that Creon is more than guilty of.

What is the major conflict in Antigone?

Antigone is heartbroken at the news of her brothers’ deaths and decides she must bury the body to honor the laws of the gods. But when Antigone buries the body, she’s going against the law of the newly appointed King, who happens to be her uncle.

Is Antigone a protagonist or antagonist?

Thus it is clear that Antigone is the protagonist, trying to struggle to be faithful to her brother and the gods, whilst the character opposing her is Creon.

Who is the most important character in Antigone?

Creon is the king of the Thebes. That means that he is the most powerful person in the play Antigone. In the play Antigone, Creon has the most power because he is the king of the Thebes, many people respect him, and he has devoted himself to the order of the kingdom.

How does Antigone influence modern society?

The ideas Sophocles presents in Antigone have relevance in today’s world, and indicate that modern society is not as advanced as we believe. The problems of gender equality, democratic voice, and religious faith still resonate today. Antigone attempts to show the strength women have in the face of male authority.

Is the conflict in Antigone resolved?

Resolution of conflict Antigone and Creon do not resolve this conflict. The play ends tragically with Antigone dead and Creon alone with all his family members dead.