What is the biggest Big Green Egg?

What is the biggest Big Green Egg?

Big Green Egg 2XL
The Big Green Egg 2XL is the biggest member of the Big Green Egg family and the largest kamado available on the market. Everything about this model is impressive: its weight (170 kg), its size, its height (1 metre without EGG Nest) and its cooking area (more than 0,4 m2).

What size is Big Green Egg XL?

Compare the different Big Green Egg models

Version Mini XLarge
Diameter 23cm 61cm
Height 25cm 78cm
Weight 15kg 105kg
Diners 3 13

What are the Big Green Egg sizes?

Meet the Family

  • Large Big Green Egg. $999.00. MSRP: $999.00.
  • XLarge Big Green Egg. $1,399.00. MSRP: $1,399.00.
  • MiniMax Big Green Egg. $659.00. MSRP: $659.00.
  • Medium Big Green Egg. $749.00. MSRP: $749.00.
  • 2XL Big Green Egg. $2,199.00. MSRP: $2,199.00.
  • Small Big Green Egg. $599.00. MSRP: $599.00.
  • Mini Big Green Egg. $429.00. MSRP: $429.00.

How many ribs are in XL Big Green Egg?

twelve racks
XL Big Green Egg Ready to serve up twelve racks of ribs, twenty-four burgers or a couple of holiday turkeys with all the trimmings? No problem!

Is Green Egg a smoker?

The Big Green Egg is not an inexpensive grill with the medium coming in at $600 before accessories, but it’s not just a grill either. You’re really getting a grill, a smoker, a brick-oven, and a convection oven all in one little device.

What size Big Green Egg should I buy?

XL Big Green Egg. The Mighty Mini – If you know that you will only be grilling burgers, steaks, and chicken for a couple of people then you will be perfectly fine saving a few bucks and opting for the MiniMax Egg, Medium Egg, or Kamado Joe Jr.

What are the dimensions of an extra large green egg?

– convEGGtor ® – Large EGGspander – Large intEGGrated Nest+Handler – 49 in. Custom Cooking Island – rEGGulator – Instant Read Thermometer – Modular Nest System – Pizza & Baking Stones – Rib and Roast Racks

Why to buy Big Green Egg?

Up to six EGG sizes

  • Big Green Egg Charcoal
  • 150+of the most popular EGGcessories
  • 2+Cooking Islandsables
  • Modular Nest System
  • Big Green Egg Sauces&Seasonings
  • What makes the Big Green Egg so special?

    What makes the Big Green Egg so special? Porcelain Glazed Ceramic Construction – The advanced ceramic material of the Big Green Egg is perfect for retaining moisture and heat within the grill. This is a big part of what makes the EGG so great! The ceramic helps keep the moisture in the food for succulent meats and food. Click to see full answer.