What is the best nursing magazine UK?

What is the best nursing magazine UK?

Nursing Standard Magazine Nursing Standard is the UK’s best selling nursing journal with a reputation for bringing readers exclusive, up-to-the-minute coverage on issues affecting nursing practice.

How do I subscribe to The American Journal of Nursing?

New Subscriptions to American Journal of Nursing are managed through Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) online store. If you are interested in subscribing, visit LWW’s online store for more information regarding rates, frequency of publication, and more.

What journals do nurses read?

Free Online Nursing Journals

  • Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal.
  • Advances in Neonatal Care.
  • American Journal of Nursing (AJN)
  • Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care.
  • Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice.
  • Critical Care Nurse.
  • Evidence Based Nursing.

Is British Journal of Nursing peer-reviewed?

British Journal of Nursing (BJN) is the peer-reviewed journal that brings together nursing practice, education and leadership into one comprehensive resource.

Is BMJ a nursing journal?

Evidence-Based Nursing is a peer-reviewed healthcare journal covering the field of evidence-based nursing….Evidence-Based Nursing (journal)

Publication details
Publisher BMJ Publishing Group and RCN Publishing
Frequency Quarterly

Is the American Journal of Nursing peer reviewed?

The American Journal of Nursing is the oldest and most honored broad-based nursing journal in the world. Peer-reviewed and evidence-based, it is considered the profession’s premier journal.

Is there a nursing magazine in the UK?

Nursing Times Magazine London, England, United Kingdom About Magazine Since its launch in 1905 the magazine has published articles to help nurses to improve their practice, kept them up to date with news on nursing and healthcare policy and practice, and supported them in their career development.

What is the best nursing journal to subscribe to?

10 Best Nursing Journals Every Nurse Should Subscribe To 1 American Journal of Nursing. 2 Journal of Nursing Care Quality. 3 Nursing 2018. 4 Journal of Addictions Nursing. 5 Clinical Nurse Specialist™. 6 (more items)

What are the best nursing magazines to read?

Nursing Times A leading source of nursing news and the most-visited nursing website in Europe. Includes CPD, clinical research, opinions, and innovation to support nurses’ careers. Founded in 1905, Nursing Times has long been established as the voice of the nursing community. 2. Nursing Standard Magazine

What is Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine?

Baltimore, Maryland About Blog Johns Hopkins Nursing is a magazine for students, alumni, faculty and staff of the school as well as nurses of the Johns Hopkins medical system, which offers tips for students from nurses who have graduated, stories of personal dreams and experiences, recaps of community events and more.