What is the best drop for a softball bat?

What is the best drop for a softball bat?

Drop 10 is still the most popular drop, but some power hitters prefer a drop 9. *Bat Weight is also a preference.

How do you practice fielding ground balls alone?

the faster the ball will come off and the quicker your reaction will need to be. Simply throw the ball off the wall, field it and throw it again. If you want to practice quick ground balls, throw the ball lower on the wall. For line drives, aim higher on the wall and throw the ball harder.

What are some good drills for softball?

To help you spice up your hitting practices, here are a few softball hitting drills to keep things fun:

  1. Pepper Game. To develop bat control and a short, quick swing.
  2. Colored Ball Soft Toss. The hitter learns to concentrate and keep the weight back.
  3. Two Hand Bat.
  4. Hitting Fungoes.
  5. Bounce in Front.
  6. Broomstick.
  7. Drop Toss.

What is the purpose of the baseball fielding drill?

Purpose This drill helps the player work on establishing a good base and fielding the ball out in front. Set Up Players line up in outfield. Instructions Coach slowly rolls the ball to Purpose To practice fielding ground balls in a fun, competitive way. Set Up Divide team into groups of four.

What is the drop step drill?

Purpose This drill covers the proper mechanics for drop stepping with the ball when fielding. Set Up Outfielder lines up in front of coach. Instructions Coach says “Ready Position.”

How do I progress the throwing and catching drill?

You can progress this drill in 4 stages: First: Use a tennis ball: Get your player to tap the the tennis ball away using the palm of their hand with their fingers facing the sky. This is another throwing and catching drill where both players have to work together to build a ‘chain’ of catches at different distances.

How to throw the ball in softball?

For second basemen: 1 Left foot on marker 2 Move right foot towards ball 3 Right foot to land as you catch the ball 4 Bring ball to the chest area and then throw