What is the best brand for backgammon?

What is the best brand for backgammon?

The Best Backgammon Sets, According to Backgammon Players

  • Crisloid Classic Blue Champion Tabletop.
  • WE Games Blue Magnetic Backgammon Set With Carrying Strap.
  • Chess Forum 21” Vinyl Backgammon Set.
  • Middleton Games 21” Classic Tournament Backgammon Set.
  • Deluxe Attaché Backgammon Set.

What should I look for in a backgammon set?

4 Things to Look for in a Quality Backgammon Set

  • 1) Quiet Sets are Good Sets. This should be the first test of any board you play on.
  • 3) Weight.
  • 4) Customizable.
  • Find the Quality Backgammon Set for You.

What is regulation size backgammon?

For backgammon tournaments, association rules determine the board should be a minimum of 44cm x 55cm and a maximum of 66cm x 88cm. For casual players a mid-sized board allows for easy movement while our smaller sets are perfect for travel.

Are there different types of backgammon?

Fixed-dice Backgammon: The opening roll is repeatedly played for the entire game. Gerhardsen: The winner of the game rolls two dice, and if he rolls 2-1 the result is reversed. No Hit: If you hit your opponent, you lose.

What is the largest backgammon set?

Amazon.com: 19-inch Premium Backgammon Set – Large Size – Desert Brown Board : Toys & Games.

Is backgammon a good gift?

And a few games of backgammon are great for helping people develop their cognitive skills and critical thinking, as well as relaxing and letting go of stress. So if you have a loved one who enjoys playing backgammon, why not get them a little gift that can enhance their gaming experience.

What size is a medium backgammon board?

16 inch
Enhance your purchase

Size 16″, 16 inch, medium
Brand Silverman & Co.
Color Brown, White
Material Faux Leather
Genre Strategy

What size are backgammon stones?

Backgammon pieces can be found in a range of sizes. Generally the two popular sizes with backgammon pieces is a diameter of 35 mm and 40 mm. These are popular due to the size and it’s compatibility with a tournament(21 Inch) sized backgammon board.

Can you play backgammon with three people?

Trigammon is a variation of the classic game backgammon, but playable by three people at once. Like backgammon, players move pieces around a board from their starting position. Once all pieces are in the home quadrant, they may be removed.

Where is backgammon played?

Backgammon actually had its beginnings not far from Troy (modern-day Anatolia, Turkey). Its earliest ancestor may well have come from ancient Mesopotamia—Sumer, to be specific. If you don’t remember exactly where Sumer was, I’ll throw you a bone: Southern Iraq, to the 21st-century person.

What size backgammon set should I get?

What size backgammon set should I get? If you are looking for a backgammon board for a tournament or professional style use, you should be looking for a backgammon set with between 3.8 and 5.1 cm. If you’re looking for a travel backgammon set , it might seem like the smaller the better, but this is not the case.

How many pieces in a backgammon set?

The backgammon rules are pretty straight forward. Each player begins with their 15 pieces set up exactly the way as their opponent. In online backgammon you don’t have to worry about setting up the board as it is done for you. Every turn the players rolls the dice and moves his pieces as dictated to by them.

How to set up and play backgammon?

Backgammon players will generally sit across from each other with the backgammon board between them, similar to how you would set up to play chess. Imagine that each triangle on the board (commonly referred to as the points) is numbered from 1 through 24. Begin counting with the point in the corner closest to you and the exit side.

What is the best backgammon board you can buy?

WE Games Blue Magnetic Backgammon Set. Our first pick is a tiny set,but with a lot of good features that make it a good choice to play on the

  • Piboshi Travel Backgammon Set. Our second selection is a roll up backgammon set to travel.
  • Get The Games Out Backgammon Set.
  • Spread the fun.