What is the average ticket price at Busch Stadium?

What is the average ticket price at Busch Stadium?

St. Louis Cardinals Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Busch Stadium $94
2019 Busch Stadium $43
2018 Busch Stadium $24
2017 Busch Stadium $23

How much are tickets at Busch Stadium behind home plate?

Price shown is an average – range is $75 to $100 depending on individual game desirability.

How much are Cardinals football tickets?

In 2021, the average ticket price was at 84.83 U.S. dollars….Average ticket price for Arizona Cardinals home games from 2006 to 2021 (in U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Average ticket price in U.S. dollars
2020 84.83
2019 84.83
2018 83.54
2016 87.86

How much is a box at the Cardinals game?

Arizona Cardinals suites will range in cost between $10,000-$20,000 per game. The price for a Cardinals suite rental varies on the opponent, day of the week and suite location. Food and beverage is an additional cost and typically costs about $100 per person. Catering isn’t charged until game day.

How much does Busch Stadium make per game?

Louis Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium pay an average $236.81 per game, according to research published by Team Marketing on Monday. That’s more expensive than all but five Major League Baseball franchises and about $25 more expensive than the league average of $211.68 per game.

Are St. Louis Cardinals for sale?

Louis Cardinals ownership again denies sale rumor, says team on track for 2.1 million fans in 2021.

Who sits behind home plate at Busch Stadium?

The Cardinals Club, aka “the Green Seats” is located directly behind home plate and features access to an exclusive club which includes an upscale pregame buffet and full-service bar, as well as in-seat food and beverage service during the game.

How much are seats behind home plate?

Seats behind home plate at the Yankees new stadium cost $500-$2,500.

How much does a diamond suite cost at Busch Stadium?

Premium full-suite range from $5,000 to $8,000 for a regular St. Louis Cardinals game. Pricing for suites for other events may vary….How much do suites at Busch Stadium cost?

Low Range Location High Range
$5,000 Diamond Suite Level 2 – Between home plate and third base $8,000

What is the diamond box at Busch Stadium?

Sections located directly behind the dugouts are often referred to as the Diamond Box seats. Cardinals fans will enjoy sitting directly behind the team dugout located behind sections 141-144 on the first base side, while visiting fans will prefer sections 156-159 on the third base side.

How much does Busch Stadium pay?

You can pay anywhere between $5 and $25 to park at a Cardinal game. $25 is across the street from Busch Stadium: $5-10 for lots/garages 3 or 4 blocks to the stadium. The 25 minute estimate seems high. 15 to 20 is a better guess: just depends on where you;’re at in the stadium, crowds, streetlights etc. 3.

What are the best seats at Busch Stadium?

– Access to the exclusive Cardinals Club equipped with dining areas, private bars, and flat-screen HD televisions – In-seat waiter service – Private entrance into Busch Stadium (Gate 2) – All-inclusive food, alcohol, and soft drinks (pregame buffet) – Private restrooms – Comfortable padded seats with additional leg room

How much does a stadium ticket cost?

Ticket price can go up to 20k where you can get many facilities like snacks, dinner, air conditioner etc. There are tickets for every price range like 800, 1200, 1800, 5000, 8000 and so on. I have seen around 20 matches in stadium and my experience says that don’t spend too much on tickets. A decent price ticket around 2000 is best.

What hotels are near Busch Stadium?

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  • 5-star hotel • Free WiFi • Restaurant • 24-hour fitness center • Central location Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at the Arch
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