What is the aim of Line Follower Robot?

What is the aim of Line Follower Robot?

Objective : The objective of the line following robot is to follow a line on its given path which is obtained for which it uses IR sensors which detects the line and H bridge which controls the working of the wheel’s .

How do you make a line follower robot?

Components Required for Making Arduino Line Follower Robot

  1. Arduino Uno – 1Nos.
  2. L293D motor driver- 1Nos.
  3. IR sensor module -2 Nos.
  4. 7.4 or 9V battery -1 Nos.
  5. BO motor – 2 Nos.
  6. Motor wheel – 2 Nos.
  7. Castor wheel – 1 Nos.
  8. Hobby robot chassis – 1 Nos.

Which sensor is used in line follower robot?

4} IR SENSOR For line sensing operation, IR sensors are the one which are widely used for the development of a line follower robot. There are some basic things to follow where white surface of the black line reflects light and the black line receives it after the transmission.

What are the parts of the line follower robot?

The parts required to build the robot are as follows:

  • Chassis (including motors and wheels )
  • Arduino Uno r3.
  • L293D Motor Shield.
  • IR Proximity Sensors (pair)
  • Jumper Wires.
  • Switch.
  • 4AA Battery Holder.

What are the materials in constructing a line tracing robot?

Components Required

  • Arduino UNO (or Arduino Nano) [Buy Here]
  • L293D Motor Driver IC [Buy Here]
  • Geared Motors x 2.
  • Robot Chassis.
  • IR Sensor Module x 2.
  • Black Tape (Electrical Insulation Tape)
  • Connecting Wires.
  • Power supply.

How many microcontrollers are there in line follower Robot?

This circuit mainly consists of 8051 microcontroller, two IR sensors, motors and motor driver IC (embedded in a module). The line follower robot needs mechanical arrangement of the chassis. I have used a 4WD Acrylic chassis.

What is liner follower Robot?

It follow a black line automatically and it also turn it direction according to black line. Liner follower robot is very famous project at university level among electrical, electronics, computer and software engineering students. There are a lot of competitions held every year in engineering universities related to robotics.

How to sense black line in a line follower Robot?

Light dependent resistor in combination with light emitting diode is used to sense black line. In case robot goes off from black line, respective sensor operate and microcontroller sense its value and take control control actions by turn motors either clock wise or anti clock wise. Block diagram of line follower robot is shown below :

How do you program a line following Robot?

Line Following Robotic Vehicle Circuit Working 1 Initially draw the path on a light colored surface with black color tape. 2 Place the robot on the floor. 3 Now power on the circuit. 4 Robot moves in the specified path. 5 When it moves out of path, sensors check it and automatically adjust the robot.